Automotive interior floor mats which kind of good car interior floor mat purchase method

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Car mats are common in automotive interiors. Car mats are an environmentally friendly automotive interior component that incorporates five major functions of water absorption, vacuuming, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host blanket. The car floor mat is an interior decoration that protects the outside of the car from being clean and serves a beautiful and comfortable embellishment. Relative to the brand, the most important thing for car mats is the material and workmanship. So what kind of car interior mats? Here's how to buy automotive interior floor mats .

Which kind of car interior floor mat

1. Pure wool pad. This mat is a high quality mat, most of which are high grade handmade products. With a beautiful texture, ash absorption characteristics, but the price is more expensive.

2. Big surrounded by mats. This high-edge design of the foot pad, effectively protect the original car suede. With the original buckle and independent non-slip bottom design to make the mat fit, safe and reliable.

3.3D foot pad. 3d foot pad is made of special materials and high temperature compound. The use of three-dimensional design, three-dimensional pressure film molding, paste close. These designs make the 3D pad easier to fix and better waterproof and dustproof.

4. Wire ring pad. The surface of the thread ring pad is a filamentous surface layer and is made by viscose or hot melt. Wire ring pads are non-slip, non-deformable, flame-retardant, anti-bacterial and easy-care features. However, the wire ring pads need to pay attention to the difference in materials. The good wire ring pads do not contain formaldehyde and other contaminants, and have a longer service life.

5. Silicone pads. Silicone scientific name is methyl acetylene siloxane, its chemical properties are stable and non-toxic. Silicone mats have high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and safety and environmental protection.

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In addition to the above-mentioned representative materials, there are chemical fiber, linen, PVC and other material pads. Haiqiao Century Car Beauty Century City Store Manager Zhang reminds the owner: The size of the floor mat should be matched with the size of the car; secondly, the owner should carefully check the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal when checking the floor mat, and check whether each function is normal. Use, and then select the appropriate thickness of the foot pad to improve safety; again choose the foot pad with positioning holes will be more secure.

There are no strict standards, but car mats play a big role in keeping warm and protecting against rain. With car mats, it saves a lot when cleaning the car. Therefore, the car mainly chooses to purchase a suitable floor mat according to the model.

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Car interior floor mat purchase method

1. It is recommended to select the special floor mat for the special car - the foot pad can closely fit with the chassis cavity, to better protect the main carpet and achieve sound insulation, anti-slip effect, safety, comfort and other aspects of the car factory have been considered, Product quality is guaranteed.

2. Check whether there is a formal environmental protection test report on the floor mat – the body is the capital of the revolution. We all know that environmental protection, to avoid secondary pollution

3, to see whether the mat work fine, whether the pattern is beautiful, the function is complete - water suction, decontamination, sound insulation, protect the main carpet, especially water, vacuum, decontamination can be maximized to avoid the main carpet and Other interior parts are contaminated and damaged.

4, to see whether the mat manufacturer is a professional manufacturer - establishment time, business scope, brand independence

5, compare prices, choose high cost performance mat

Note: If your car is a domestic production of "ABC car", then please do not choose the original "ABC car" of the original matching products, different sizes of pads will affect driving comfort and safety.

Summary: The information on the car interior floor mats and the methods for the purchase of car interior floor mats has been introduced here for everyone. I hope the efforts of Xiaobian can help you. If there is anything we do not understand, You can leave a message for Xiaobian below. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. This website will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information.

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