Car paint layer paint layer maintenance method

  • by Benjamin Pan

When a car travels outside for a long time, naturally it will inevitably fall into dust. Generally, it only needs to be rinsed regularly with water. However, if some organic matter sticks to the body sometimes it is more troublesome. For example, some trees secrete a kind of resin. When the car scratches the branches, the resin will adhere to the body; the bird’s droppings are also very good. Difficult to deal with; some areas are very hot, asphalt will be thrown on the body of fast-moving cars, if not cleared in time, days will be long corrosion paint. If you encounter acid rain or sandstorm, you need to clean the body in time.

With the development of the automotive service industry, a variety of automotive beauty products came into being. As long as you go to the car care products market, you will find many maintenance supplies and tools available. For example: There is a washing tool for a family car wash, one is connected to a tap, and the other is a shower that can be pressurized. It is very convenient to clean it yourself. If there are no upper and lower sewers around, it does not matter and you can dry clean. There is a special bottled car body cleaner, pressure spray type, spray it on the body, with a soft cloth to scrub.

In order to effectively protect the paint film, it is best to carry out the body waxing process when the new car is just bought. Waxing can not only protect the paint surface, but also increase the brightness and make the body shine.

Imported cars of the 80s, especially some vans, began to rust in 7-8 years. Because of the low level of technology at that time, the design life of this kind of car is also 7-8 years. Life expectancy, natural diseases. Therefore, at that time, the state stipulated that motor vehicles should be used for 10 years and they must be scrapped. In the 21st century, the situation has changed a lot. Auto factories have adopted double-sided galvanized steel plates, and the entire car body has been electrophoretically painted. The interior pipe holes are also treated with wax. Therefore, the rust prevention capability is greatly improved, and the service life of the car is widespread. It has been more than 15 years. Therefore, the mandatory scrapping period stipulated by the state has been correspondingly extended to 15 years. But need to pay attention. If the vehicle body collides, the steel plate of the vehicle is creased, and the varnish layer is easily damaged. The steel plate is exposed and rusted, and the paint must be repaired and repaired immediately.

The paint layer is different from the metal, the hardness is very low, and it is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use a soft suede, cotton cloth, or a wool brush when cleaning or polishing. Otherwise, scratches will be scraped and it will be self-defeating.

One of the things that annoys the owners is that the body is being drawn. Some are carelessly scratching while driving, and others are being scraped out by hard-wielding objects by urchins or passers-by for no reason. Those ugly scratches often require the owner to spend a lot of money. Because of the need to make up this line, it is necessary to polish the entire large area. Otherwise, the scar will be fully exposed under sunlight. In order to solve this problem, the developer has also developed a variety of complementary color pens. The appearance of complementary color pencils relieves the burden on the owner to some extent. But the best way is to drive carefully and choose a parking place.

When the car is used for a long time, it is inevitable that the paint will fade or fade more or less. This is because the main component of the paint is an organic chemical that will oxidize and degrade under long-term ultraviolet irradiation. General cleaning can reduce the phenomenon of fading; mild fading can be waxed and polished, moderate grinding must be, when serious can only re-paint.

Nowadays, many people like metallic paint, they look shiny and have good visual effects. However, the composition of flash in metallic paint is mainly aluminum powder, which is more easily oxidized and easier to crack. Therefore, the need for metal paint more care, often polished and waxed.

Polishing and waxing is not a difficult task. If you are willing to do it, you can solve it yourself. There are all kinds of polish waxes on the market, both liquid and waxy. After cleaning the body, pour some on the body, and then apply light and even circles of soft wool, cotton, or suede to the body. Do not need to be very hard. A thin layer, not very thick, but flat and uniform. Do not operate under sunlight when operating. The surrounding environment should be clean. After waxing, wait a minute or two and then leave the car. This is to make the wax layer have a solidification time.

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