Car wash prices rose 3 times after the holiday

  • by Benjamin Pan

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The Spring Festival holiday has been closed, but there are still many shops in the streets of Kunming that have not opened the door and look a bit deserted. Finding a circle in the city yesterday found that most car wash shops did not open the door. In Baima Community, there is a car wash shop that has already opened the door. I only learned from the previous question that the car wash fee for this car is 70 yuan per car, which is more than 3 times higher than normal operating hours. "Usually when I wash a car, it is 20 yuan, and it has now risen to 70 yuan." Mr. Wang is now washing the car, "the price has tripled, but no way. Find only a circle here to open." In spite of the doubling of prices, the long queues at the door of the car wash shop were extremely hot. The owner of the car wash shop stated that the cost of car wash labor during the Spring Festival has increased and the price has also increased. "Of course, there are 6 employees in the shop, and half of them have already returned home for the New Year. The wages for leaving employees are much higher than usual." When the business is good, he has to "play" himself, and the price increase is also a frustrating move.

To this end, we called the Kunming Development and Reform Commission price department. Staff said that during the Spring Festival, due to the increase in labor costs and price increases, the market price adjustment behavior does not violate the relevant regulations, but it is strictly prohibited joint collusion and unified price increases. According to previous years, car wash prices generally fall after the Spring Festival holiday, and the price department reminds the public to choose according to their own circumstances.

Some members of the public think that the high price of car wash during the Spring Festival is not as good as a “bath” for the car. Early in the morning yesterday, Mr. Li from the creative British community twisted the bucket and took a sponge and took a bath with himself. “There is nothing wrong with the festival anyway. It is more desirable to clean the car and wash it out.”
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