How to layout a car beauty shop? Auto beauty shop layout taboo

  • by Benjamin Pan

Investors in car beauty shops are always hoping to make their store layouts very good when they are decorating their own car beauty shop. How do you layout a car beauty shop? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the taboo of the car beauty shop layout , I hope everyone can help after reading.


How to layout a car beauty shop?






Car beauty shop layout taboos 1, avoid rushing to the horse: now the house is expensive, the store rental is more expensive, some people have a rush to open after the new store. They rushed to find a decoration company and asked the other party to work in ten days and a half. As for the design of car beauty shop and the selection of decorative materials, these households did not think carefully. Therefore, the decorative company that has been rushed to choose these problems cannot be satisfactory, and the design and construction level have not met the requirements. So before the layout, you should not be too hasty, leave some time to consider the design of the room and the choice of decorative materials, and choose a qualified decoration company for a while.


Auto beauty shop layout taboo 2, avoid "thorcer without global": Before the layout of the car beauty shop, you should be aware of the layout of the room, the decorative materials used, the choice of furniture and the approximate placement and layout budget. It is forbidden to consider these things, all by one time, and there is no overall consideration for the decoration of the car shop. This often leads to a lack of decorative style.


Car beauty shop layout taboo 3, avoid the surface of "painting powder": From the current architectural pattern, not all the layout of the store is very reasonable, so avoid relying on the original layout of the room, only the "surface article" of the room. This can only bring more inconvenience to the user.






Car beauty shop layout taboo 4, avoid regardless of the primary and secondary: some car beauty store layout in the investment regardless of the primary and secondary, for all space "agreeable". This layout is not only too expensive, but often "more than half the effort." In fact, the layout of some spaces in the room can be simple, with furniture and decorations to decorate the space.


Car beauty shop layout taboo 5, avoid "unmanned participation": Some investors hand over the entire process of car beauty shop layout to the decoration company, they do not participate in a little opinion. Stores that are laid out in this way are prone to lack of business-related functions.


Car beauty shop layout taboo 6, avoid the hard copy: all the decorative techniques have certain limitations, the hard copy and hard patchwork can only give people a messy feeling. Especially before the layout, some people like to go to other families to "take the classics", and the layout style of their own home is messy and unsuccessful. The layout is slow engineering, and it is not anxious to come. The layout of the car beauty franchise stores is good or bad, and it has to be closely related to the layout of the owners.


The above is how Xiaobian brings you to the layout of the car beauty shop? The whole content of the car beauty shop layout taboo, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the car beauty shop layout after reading this article, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.


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