Spring and summer car paint how to care for the car still need to grasp from the details

  • by Benjamin Pan

The automotive paint is an important part of the car in terms of the owner, but the owners usually have the idea of protecting the paint, but they often neglect the details. As the paint on the car is damaged, how should the owner protect the car paint? Today's article will tell the owners about the car maintenance.

Owners of life will find that the car paint will become dull after driving for a period of time. It has completely lost the original luster, so the owner at this time should do a very comprehensive maintenance of the car paint, let the car Paint back to the original halo. What should the owners do? Here we go together today to edit how the experts invited by the owners teach the owners to maintain the car's finish.

Cleaning the body

A very large part of the maintenance of the car's car body is a very important part of the maintenance of the car. The car owners are best cleaned once in a certain period of time when car washing and maintenance, and in order to better protect the car paint when cleaning the car, the owners Must not use detergents listed in the washing powder to clean the car. If the owner is washing a new car, then the first time the car is cleaned, it is best to go to the room clean hand-washing room, or a better car environment.

Paint maintenance

The regular cleaning of the car is still the most basic item in terms of maintenance of the paint. In order to better protect the car paint and prevent some corrosive corrosion of the car paint in winter, experts advise the owner to clean the car after cleaning. Regular waxing or coating maintenance. Because the car wax can help the car paint to prevent the erosion of acid rain, but also to help the car in summer heat and ultraviolet light, more efficient protection of car paint.

Car paint protection correct practice

In order to protect car paints, the most basic maintenance items are indispensable, but it is also very important to do basic maintenance. For example, the owners should keep the car parked in the garage, to avoid prolonged exposure and rain in the summer. Do not wash the car with a rag to scrub directly, be sure to wash it with water. And after a fixed period of time, make a wax seal. In order to protect the role of car paint.



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