The choice of car wash tools for aerial vehicles

  • by Benjamin Pan
Although not like cars, high-altitude vehicles need to be carefully cleaned often, but they are often cleaned and maintained, which helps to prolong the service life of vehicles. Problems are discovered early in the cleaning process, and the safety of vehicles can be enhanced. There are many high altitude vehicles. In order to save money and feel safe, the owner of the operating vehicle is to wash his car with his own hands, not only to wash his hands carefully, but also to exercise, and to save a small amount of money, why not do it? In the car wash process, pay attention to the choice of car wash tools, but the car wash hurts the car, so it is not worth it.

The choice of car wash tools

Car wash water pipe: There is a special car wash water pipe on the market, which is divided into nylon and hard pipe materials, and is equipped with a spray faucet. When the water pipe is used, the water spray effect in the car wash shop can be realized. Some advanced faucets There are also a variety of water spray methods to facilitate the switch. Under normal circumstances, choose a car wash water pipe with a length of less than 25 meters to meet the needs of use.

Car wash sponge: special car wash sponge is also divided into several categories, try to buy a hole in the sponge, with the role of sand adsorption, but also more prone to foam. Car wash sponge is generally cheaper prices, larger sponges better use.

Wiping towel: nowadays, the popular microfiber wipe towel on the market, water absorption capacity and cleaning ability are very ideal, the price is not expensive. Conditional owners can choose suede cleaning towel, very suitable for glass cleaning, the price Slightly expensive.

Car washing liquid: The commercial regular car washing liquid is a neutral formula, easy to foam, strong cleaning ability, will not damage car paint. Many products also added protective agent ingredients, can make the car after washing more bright. Minor car owners You can also buy tire protection agent, after washing the car brush it on the tire sidewall, can prevent tire aging.

Portable car washer: This type of tool consists of a sprinkler with a brush, a pressure handle, and a bucket body that holds water. With the help of pressure, a "shower type" car wash is advantageous because it is relatively water-saving and portable, but if the car body is dirty, Sometimes it may not be clean.

The aerial work vehicle also needs your careful care, so that when you work, it will make you more comfortable and safer!

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