What kind of car wash towel is good? Teach you to buy a small trick

  • by Benjamin Pan
When you are caring for a car, you must be separated from the same thing, that is, a car wash towel. Whether it is for car washing or car washing, you need a car wash towel. Many people think that a towel is so much more stressful. If you choose the wrong towel, it will hurt your car paint. After a bad towel is rubbed, it may be scratched because it is too rough. Is it not worth the loss to save money on towels? So choosing a good car wash towel is very important. Xiaobian will give you a detailed explanation of what kind of car wash towels are.
First, the car wash towel profile:
Microfiber car wash towel has extremely fineness, which greatly reduces the stiffness of the wire. The fabric feels extremely soft, and the fine fiber can increase the layered structure of the wire, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, and distribute the reflected light inside the fiber on the surface. It is more delicate, making it silky and elegant, and has good moisture absorption and moisture permeability.
Second, the difference between car wash towels and ordinary towels:
The car wash is made of microfiber, which is more durable and very absorbent. Washed face towels made of cotton, good for the skin, do not hurt the skin, of course, also absorb water, but the towel without the car wash is strong. No dirt or rubbish will be left after wiping, it will be soft and will not hurt the paint.
Third, the price of car wash towels:
As one of the automotive supplies, the price of car wash towels generally ranges from a few yuan to tens of dollars. The price of microfiber towels is generally around 45 yuan, while the price of buckskin towels can be slightly more expensive. As a car owner, you can buy online or at a special store. It is best for the owner to choose some brands to buy, because it is more secure, it will not damage the paint, and the owner should buy a microfiber towel, not only The car is clean and easy to clean and basically does not fade.
Fourth, how to choose a car wash towel:
Whether the towel is finely finished, neat, whether the height of the loop is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness.
1. Microfiber towel:
Microfiber, which is cheap, is more absorbent than ordinary cotton towels, and the hair loss is slight. Because the weaving method is similar to ordinary cotton towels, it is easy to stick to the stone particles, and a little care will bring harm to the paint surface.
2, imitation deer skin towel:
The water absorption is 5 times that of ordinary towels, and the cleansing power is 3 times that of ordinary towels. Soft and delicate touch, comfortable massage, skin effect, keep skin delicate and reduce wrinkles. It is strong in nature, can resist tensile and tear resistance, and has ten pieces, anti-static and no cotton lint.
3. Natural buckskin towel:
High water absorption, no water marks after rubbing, as bright as wax. Superior anti-static vacuuming ability, even dust in small corners can be cleaned. The rich fiber in the towel, the richer the dermis layer, the better the quality, the greater the adsorption force, the greater the resistance, and the more thorough the cleaning. Natural leather towels are processed with deep sea fish oil, thickened in moisturizing bags, and convenient for use on business trips.
4, suede towel
Authentic sheepskin, real animal tissue fiber, no lint, no sticky dust, strong water absorption, soft and smooth, no damage to car paint, cleaning car preferred.
What kind of car wash towel is good for everyone, when you choose, you can refer to the small series of methods to choose, can not ignore these small details.
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