Car washing and maintenance skillful washing too hard and hurt paint cautious polishing and beauty

  • por Benjamin Pan


All car owners want their car to drive for a long time, reducing maintenance costs. To do this, we must learn to scientifically conserve cars. However, in the car maintenance, there are often such cases that one thinks it is to maintain the car. In fact, it is self-defeating that it damages the car, and some of them even damage the paint protection layer, resulting in flaking and rust. After reading the following error maintenance laws, car owners can come to the seat to see if they have such inappropriate behavior. 

Under the scorching sun car wash car paint 

Many car owners like to wash cars under the hot sun. They think that after washing, the water on the car body can be dried quickly. In actual fact, under the car wash in the hot sun, the convex lens effect formed by the water droplets will cause local high-temperature phenomenon on the top layer of the paint. After a long time, the paint will lose luster. If waxing at this time, it is also likely to cause uneven body color. Therefore, car washes and waxing are best carried out under sheltered conditions. If there is no guarantee, it is best to choose to do it on a cloudy or sunny day in the morning or in the evening. 

Car wash like a bath damage air conditioner 

In the event of high temperatures and dust, the car body became dirty and the owner’s frequency of car washing began to increase. Many car owners wanted to bathe themselves as they took a bath. But here we must pay attention to, we must keep the appearance of the car air conditioner dry, if the car air conditioner accidentally get wet, it will affect its life. 

Too hard to wash and hurt the paint carefully polishing and beauty 

Normal sunny days, generally not very dirty, can wash once in 5-8 days, if you wash once in 1-2 days, then your paint life is only 50%. Car wash in time when it rains and snow to prevent corrosion. The polish itself hurts the paint, the beauty chooses a regular place to do it, and the store beauty = disfigurement. 

Over-tightening of bolts 

There are many fasteners on the car that are connected with bolts and nuts. It should be ensured that it has sufficient preload, but it cannot be tightened too tightly. If tightened too tightly, on the one hand will cause the connector to produce permanent deformation under the action of external force; on the other hand will cause the bolt to produce permanent deformation, even cause slipping or breaking phenomenon. 

Fan belt too tight bearing load 

When the air temperature is too high, some drivers think that raising the tightness of the fan belt can improve the cooling effect of the engine, and therefore it will be hard to increase the tightness of the fan belt. The fan belt should be kept tight and tight. Over-tightening can cause excessive bearing load and increase power consumption. At the same time, the shaft of the water pump can be bent. The belt is stretched and deformed, and its service life is shortened. 

Imported tires are not applicable 

Some people like to buy tires particularly like to emphasize "import." New foreign tires are not very suitable for domestic users. The road surface in Europe is quite different from that in China. Tires that are suitable for European road conditions are difficult to perform well at home. It is just like wearing a brand-name Italian leather shoe to walk a stone road, and it is inevitable that the tyres will be packaged on the side of the tire. After the tires of some foreign brands are jointly produced in China, they have added a layer of cord fabrics on the side of the tires according to the domestic road conditions, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the sidewalls. The tires produced by the joint venture can completely replace imported goods in terms of performance. . 

The car wash stream also has tricks 

From the appearance, the car wash is just a simple manual labor. It seems that there is no skill, but the flow of car wash is very particular. A professional car wash shop will never use a high pressure water gun to spray it. Usually, the first time must be slow, flowing down from the top to the bottom, and the dust particles on the car should be taken away with water. If you use a high-pressure water gun at the beginning, it is equal to making the dust particles "frictional motion" on the paint surface. 

Sometimes, car owners often wash cars in roadside shops to save time, and those who wash buckets to wash cars, if you look closely, you will find that there is a lot of silt in their buckets, no difference with sandpaper. Some towels used by the car wash shop were also eliminated from the hotel. The towels looked very new and white, but they were actually very rough, and they also hurt the car. 

Waxing waxing effect is poor 

Many people wax the body habitually in a circle, which is incorrect. The correct method of waxing is straight line, horizontal and vertical lines alternately, and then the last one in the direction of rainwater flow, so as to achieve the effect of reducing concentric circular halo on the paint surface. 

Washing powder car wash most hurt car paint 

Seeing that the staff was washing very seriously and the washing bubbles were flying all over the place, many car owners thought that the dirty car would be “OK” as soon as it was delivered to the car wash. It looked clean from the outside. If you want to know what the car wash shop is for you when you wash your car, you can use your fingers to pinch and sniff the bubbles and you will find that it is a washing powder! The detergent is an alkaline detergent that will damage the paint. Very large, if you use the detergent for a long time to wash the car, the car's surface will gradually lose its luster. When the owner found out that his car had been washed out, it was too late. 


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