How to wash car mats most effectively

  • por Benjamin Pan

The most dirty thing in a car is the floor mat. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for vacuuming, you can make the dirty mat look less dirty. For more dirty floor mats, only special detergents can be used.

Generally, the above two dust removal work is carried out before using the detergent, then spraying an appropriate amount of detergent, brushing it with a brush, and finally using a clean rag to suck off the excess detergent, so that the washed ground can be used. The pad is both clean and as soft as before.

The most important thing to note is that the floor mat should not be completely immersed in water for cleaning. On the one hand, it will damage the bonding of several layers of different materials inside the floor mat. On the other hand, the mat will not dry out for a long time and affect the use effect. Causes moisture inside the car. 


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