Is the self-service car wash easy to use?

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There are many facilities in the community, such as fitness equipment, gardens, and places where the gazebo rests. Now people who buy a car often have a self-service car wash in the community. Some people hold the mentality of trying it out and then use it. Actually, the effect is not bad. At least, the self-service car wash has been very convenient. All right. There are also self-service car washes for buyers, and there are also a lot of people waiting to see, I don’t know if I should buy them. The following small series tells everyone about the self-service car wash is easy to use .

Self-service car wash in the community:

Beimai Auto Parts Xiaobian feels that there is one in the community that is relatively easy to save. Some use the Tianmai intelligent self-service car washing machine. It is also very good, and the Baolijie self-service car washing machine charges according to the water, foam and dust removal time. The aspect is also very convenient. Whether it is swiping or coin-operated or WeChat payment, the machine can recognize it. Usually 15 yuan a time, go to the garage to wash 20, even if you go often, half a member is also 15 times. Therefore, this is relatively cheap. When the card is recharged, the machine will automatically deduct the amount of your actual consumption. Under normal circumstances, if you wash a car, it will cost about five yuan. In addition to the high-pressure water gun and foam gun, the self-service car washing machine can also see the function keys of “dusting” and “disinfection” on the machine. The function is not less than in the repair shop, but the effect of washing is to look at yourself. If you are more motivated and know that the car wash skills will be able to be washed, if you are so sloppy, then it will be useless.

Own self-service car wash:

Generally, this Beimai Auto Parts Xiaobian has not bought it himself, but listen to the feedback from friends. It is necessary to use two buckets of water at a time. Generally, it is only necessary to give this down. The method of use is to pressurize the water in the bucket, then Start washing the car with a car wash, and finally rinse it off with water. The overall feeling of water pressure is relatively small, and the air pressure is applied twice in the middle. Some of the brushes from the car wash are too short. You can ask when you buy this. If it is short, you can't wash the middle of the roof and the sunroof. And this price is not expensive, when you buy it, it will give you a gift for the car wash. Generally, if you feel that the quality is not good, you can buy one yourself. A bad car wash towel may damage the paint surface. The advantages are saving money, convenience, water saving and environmental protection, and new ideas for low-carbon life. Now people are advocating water conservation, which just solves the problem of wasting water resources. As long as one-tenth of the traditional car wash water is used, it saves the annual car wash. Wasted valuable water resources and impact on the surrounding environment. Easy car wash, the car is as bright as new, and does not damage the car paint. Generally, this water-saving car wash method is very popular.

[Expansion] car wash brand

1, Che Bangshi self-service car wash: the company was established in 2007, focusing on the automotive beauty care industry, is also a large number of domestic self-service car wash sales.

2. Kärcher self-service car: It belongs to a kind of portable self-service car washer produced by Germany Karcher Group. It has the unique working style, careful management system, large-scale standardized production mode and continuous improvement and innovation technology of the German people.

3, Liqi self-service car wash: Denmark entered the Chinese market first in Shanghai, and finally distributed sales to Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Haikou, Xiamen, Nanchang, Chengdu, Chongqing and other major cities.

4, Hebei Che Jieke's self-service car washing machine, feels good, high pressure, low noise. The bubble is also good.

The self-service car wash is easy to use, and I will tell you about several brands of car washes. If you want a regular shopping mall. So be sure to try it when you buy. After the key is over, I have to learn how to use it. I also need to learn how to wash the car. After I learned it, I can always wash the car, save money, and exercise is also a good choice. Is the Xiaobian article useful? If you have a lot of attention, please pay attention to Xiaobian.


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