Cars should be skin care, everyone car paint car paint maintenance methods

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Car paint is the "skin" of a car. Like people, maintaining a good "skin" is also important for a car. Speaking of the maintenance of car paint, we can generally think of waxing, sealing glaze, coating and other 4S shop common paint beauty items, but in addition to the price, there is not much difference can be said, which also Many owners are confused when they choose. They can only listen to the introduction of the staff and cannot make their own judgments. In order to prevent everyone from being routine, everyone will introduce the three common ways of car paint maintenance.

1, waxing

Waxing is an earlier form of vehicle grooming. The main component of wax is oil. Waxing removes dirt on the paint surface and increases brightness. In addition, car wax can be waterproof and anti-acid rain erosion, but also can prevent high temperature and ultraviolet rays, to avoid paint aging.

This type of care is relatively inexpensive and it can be tried and operated by yourself. Before waxing, be sure to clean the vehicle, remove the surface dust, and then apply the wax on the paint surface regularly. During the painting process, you can grind off the dirty particles left by the paint surface. Then wipe the wax with a dry cloth. The operation is complete. Everyone car stressed that the correct way to waxing is to alternate between straight lines and horizontal and vertical lines, and it must not be smeared or circled.

Everyone is reminded that car wax is a water-soluble substance, it is easy to lose and its hardness is not high, so it usually takes one to two weeks to wax it once.

2, sealing glaze

Sealing glaze has been improved on the basis of waxing. Its main raw materials are high-molecular polymer and petroleum-based solvent. It is pressed into the paint by a vibratory polisher to form a solid protective layer of mesh structure attached to the paint. The surface enhances the strength and hardness of the paint. This kind of protective layer can also function to block ultraviolet rays, prevent oxidation, and reduce acid rain damage to the paint to a certain extent.

Because the glaze has a higher hardness than the wax, it can make the paint better withstand the harsh environment, effectively reduce scratches and maintain the paint brightness. And "glaze" has a waterproof, smooth feel, generally can be maintained for half a year longer than the waxing.

Everyone car reminds that the process of sealing the glaze is more complicated than waxing, and the old car sealing glaze needs to be polished in advance. If the operation is improper, it may cause secondary damage to the paint. Therefore, the car is not recommended for everyone.

3, coating

The main component of the film is glass cellulose, which exists in liquid form during operation. After curing, a transparent protective layer can be formed on the surface of the paint to block the damage of the external material to the paint surface. At the same time, the protective layer itself has a certain hardness, so for protection Car paint is more effective.

Coating is the longest maintenance method and can last for 2 to 3 years. Coating can better protect the car paint, enhance the smoothness of the paint, and form a mirror effect on the surface of the paint. Through the reflection, the car paint looks more colorful and eye-catching.

Like the sealing glaze, the coating is also a professional maintenance method, and the process is complicated, the time is longer, the cost is relatively high, and everyone's car is recommended to the regular 4S store for maintenance.

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