Cars need to know: What kind of towel is good for car wash?

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Nowadays, more and more people have private cars. They usually clean themselves more or less. Of course, they need to wipe their towels. That car wash towel What good does? Say could have been a lot of suede, South Korea cloth handy, but it's not easy, because the car body a little dust, wipe the paint to destroy the past, the towel is different, he not only absorbent Good sex, strong decontamination ability and long fuzz buried dust, to prevent scratches paint.

sgcb microfiber towel

What kind of towel is good for car wash

Many ultra-fine fiber absorbent towels on the market today do not hurt the car or absorb water. However, the quotes vary greatly. Look at this type of absorbent towel first to have a thickness and thickness, followed by data and technology. The technology of fine fiber towels is divided into warp knitting and weft knitting towels. Contrast to the commonly used weft wipes, usually the thicker the towels are, the more absorbent it is. Quotes will also be higher. 
Most of the natural deerskin towels and microfibre towels are used for cleaning towels.

Natural buckskin towel, high water absorption, no trace of water after rubbing, as bright as wax. Super anti-static dust-collecting ability, even the tiny corners of the dust can be cleaned out. The rich fibers in the towel, the richer the dermis, the better the quality, the greater the adsorption force, the greater the resistance and the more thorough cleaning. Natural leather towel uses deep-sea fish oil processing, thickening moisturizing bag packaging, easy to use on a business trip.

Microfiber is a high-quality, high-tech textile

sgcb microfiber mitt

Due to the small diameter of the raw material, the ultra-fine fibers have a small bending stiffness, and the fiber feel is particularly soft, and has a strong cleaning function and a waterproof and breathable effect. Microfibers have many fine pores between microfibers and form capillary structures. They have high water absorbency and are very useful towels for cleaning vehicles.

The soft texture of the towel does not scratch the surface, it is highly absorbent and does not leave water after the wipe. The dust with the finest anti-static dust removal capability can also be cleaned out. It is especially suitable for cleaning automotive interiors, dashboard cushions, etc. The surface texture is soft and delicate, leaving no cotton wool and water marks after being wiped. It is durable and is the best of car beauty.

Has good water absorption, no lint, no fading, widely used in car cleaning, automotive beauty and home feel soft, suitable for car interior and exterior glass cleaning. Towels are green, soft and fluffy. High-strength synthetic filament filaments are not easy to break, and weaving with warp and weft is not used for hair removal. Fluff is long and dense, so that the adsorption surface area increases, so accelerate the absorption of moisture.

sgcb microfiber towel

When buying a cleaning towel, the owner must choose a high-quality cleaning towel. Because some poor-quality cleaning towels are easy to fade or lose hair, small fibers that remain on the paint surface are difficult to clean. The above is the relevant content of what kind of towel is used for car washing. I hope to help you.

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