Coating knowledge: How to choose car paint metal paint and common paint

  • by Benjamin Pan
Some consumers think that choosing a brand and a car model when buying a car is often tangled in the color of the car. Is metal paint good or common paint?

According to Zheng Jianwei, a service manager of a 4S shop in Jinhua Automobile City, the so-called metallic paint is metal paint added, and ordinary paint is plain paint without added metal powder.

With the reflective effect of metal powder, metal paint can make the body surface more bright, especially in the sun, a twinkling sparkling Jingjing, plus the refractive effect of light, make the vehicle look more rich, more three-dimensional. “Now colorful metallic paints have been widely used on models of various brands, but black, white, yellow and big red cars still use ordinary paint because these four kinds of paints are added with metal powder. The colors that come out are not as positive as they may be. White may turn milky, black turns grayish black, yellow turns golden, and big reds turn orange, so when you buy a car, if you see these four colors of the car Basically, it can be determined that they are not using metallic paint."

Zheng Jianwei believes that the biggest advantage of metallic paint is that its hardness is higher than that of ordinary paint, that is, it is more wear-resistant, and the surface of the car body is not easily scratched by sand, sand and sand during high-speed driving or car washing; in addition, there is no garage for daily parking. For the owner of the car, metal paint can play a better protection for the car.

However, ordinary paint also has its own advantages: First, the cost is lower than that of metallic paint, which makes the car fill the same area of paint, using ordinary paint is cheaper than using metal paint, reducing the owner's car costs; second normal paint and original Compared to car paint, it is not easy to have chromatic aberration.

If a new car is purchased, consumers can check the vehicle's paint identification card. The type of vehicle paint will be indicated on the above, and the 4S shop staff will generally tell them truthfully. If you use a used car, consumers can distinguish between two ways:

First, carefully observe that the metallic paint has a deeper luster, while ordinary paint looks relatively flat;

The second is to use a damp cloth and some abrasives to grind a few times on the paint. If there is a color on the wet cloth, it means that the paint is an ordinary paint and there is no trace left on the cloth to prove it is a metallic paint.
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