How much is the car beauty shop decoration? Car beauty shop decoration budget

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Before driving a car beauty shop, the car beauty shop will be undergoing a large-scale renovation, and as investors, the most concerned about the renovation budget, then how much is the car beauty shop decoration ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the car beauty shop decoration budget for your reference.






How much is the car beauty shop decoration?


It depends on how big your car beauty shop is, most of them are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the cost of materials. Generally, it is around 100,000. The average store is 7-10 million, and the middle and high-end is about 15-25 thousand. Of course, look at the service items and configuration of friends. And mainly depends on the size of your store, the store does not need to be decorated so well, you can save a lot of money.



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What is the budget for car beauty shop renovation?


At least one of the car beauty shop's façade size washing workshop, at least one construction workshop, one commodity sales area, and conditions to increase the customer's rest area. The commodity area can be used together with the installation workshop. The funds are mainly concentrated on the commodities, and the goods should be fine and not mixed. Except for the rent and decoration costs, the fund for a mid-to-high-end auto beauty shop is 100,000 yuan.


Personally think that you can save your initial fee and establish your own brand. No one is a natural person. This type of industry is a retail and service industry and service is important. Car wash must be clean, attitude must be harmonious, you can develop car wash members to do card car wash, this one can do a good job for you. The goods must be all perfect and the quality of the goods should be good. Car construction must be quality and quantity. Credit back brings you considerable income.


The above is how much is the decoration of the car beauty shop brought by Xiaobian? The entire contents of the car beauty shop decoration budget, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of how much the car beauty shop decoration, if you want to know more about decoration, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.


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