How to choose the right car detailing?

  • by Benjamin Pan

For car owners, it is not only about learning to drive but also about car maintenance. The maintenance of the car is good, and its useful life will be extended. In addition to maintaining important parts such as tires and engines, the appearance of a car is also very important. The appearance of the body is well maintained. Not only does it look comfortable, but it also opens up. How much do you know about the variety of exterior care in car detailing shops? Do not understand does not matter, in this article will introduce the difference between the four car appearance maintenance.

First, coating

Coating refers to the use of inorganic or organic and other environmentally friendly materials, the formation of a protective film on the surface of the car body, sealing is very strong, just like the body surface put on a very thin "protection clothing." Can play a brighter, brighter, waterproof and anti-acid rain, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-wear, anti-birds, gum erosion and other effects. The effective period of coating is basically about 1 year, the price is 500-1000RMB, the effect is still relatively ideal.

This kind of car detailing requires high skill in equipment technology and workers' masters, and it needs to operate in a dust-free and cool environment. If you are looking for a car detailing shop with poor qualifications, and you are still signing a plated sign, it is best not to choose this service.

Second, sealing glaze

Sealing glaze is also known as deep waxing, but it replaces ordinary wax with more advanced waxes. Car sealing is achieved through high-frequency vibration, deep waxing, can greatly extend the body's gloss retention time. To some extent, it can be waterproof, anti-static, the validity period is usually about 3-4 months. However, after sealing the glaze, in order to maintain the gloss of the car, we must choose to do this every time. The owners must be careful when choosing.

Third, waxing

Waxing is actually applying a layer of organic wax to the surface of the car's paint after washing. Just like a girl's "make-up", the main effect is to brighten and brighten the car's appearance, prevent static electricity, and last for 15-30 days. The advantage is that the operation process is simple and the price is generally around 100, so it is widely used. If you frequently use waxing maintenance, it will make the car paint dark and occasionally acceptable.

Fourth, plating crystal

Plated crystal is the highest grade car beauty, it is better than the coating, sealing glaze, waxing effect. Crystal plating uses inorganic coating products. It does not suffer from its own oxidation and erosion of the paint. It is truly capable of achieving a "mirror level" effect. It takes 1-2 days for the car to be plated. It is also the most expensive of these four.

SGCB's Note: In the appearance of beauty for the car, we must be careful to choose all kinds of services. Pay attention to observe and prepare in advance. 


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