How to Decorate a Car Beauty Workshop

  • by Benjamin Pan

Decoration is the face of a car beauty shop. It is not easy to make a car beauty shop decoration. How to operate the car beauty shop? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will share the car beauty shop decoration process for everyone, hoping to provide help for everyone.

How to operate the car beauty shop decoration?





Car beauty shop decoration process 1, exploration shop space status:


(1) Is the space structure safe: observe whether there are cracks on the columns, beams and walls inside and outside the store. If there is only a crack on the surface of the paint, don't worry. If the crack width is larger than 1mm and deep and the masonry concrete structure, pay special attention to it. There may be hidden dangers in safety. It is better not to rent or change to another place (please ask a professional architect or structural technician to judge).


(2) Water leakage and flooding are not suitable: There is a famous saying in the engineering circles: “Doctors are afraid of coughing, and the master is afraid of catching leaks.” Once the house leaks, it is easy to invade the structure and the pipeline buried inside. Pay attention to the roof ceiling, the wall, whether there is water leakage or residual water stains. The terrain, terrain and drainage system in the nearby area are also very important. It will not flood in the rainy days. Especially the shops are on the first floor. Flooding will cause a lot of inconvenience. And loss, you can ask more neighbors.


(3) Whether the existing decoration and furniture can be used: If the shop operated by the former shop owner is just like the nature of the shop you want to open, and the equipment and furniture are allowed to be allowed together, you have to filter which ones can be used and which ones should be eliminated: If you use it, you can save some renovation costs, but if the style of the existing decoration and the furniture and equipment are much different from what you expect, it is recommended to dismantle the whole and do not use it.


Car beauty shop decoration process 2, planning and coordination, establish the decoration method:


(1) It is suitable for self-cleaning: If there are few parts to be renovated, or if the entire renovation budget is below the preparatory renovation fee, this method can be used. (The profit is too low, the interior designer is not willing to undertake)


(2) Suitable for commissioned designers or foremen: If you consciously can't grasp the complexity of the decoration, or do not have so much time and energy, it is suitable for outsourcing.


(3) Partial self-cleaning and partial outsourcing: If you can DIY for some projects or have special discount channels, these parts can be responsible for themselves, and other projects will be sent to professional designers or foremen.


(4) Choosing a franchise store: The franchise company has a fixed decoration style and a construction team. If there are any deficiencies, the store owner can improve it by himself or by sending a small package.



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Car beauty shop decoration process 3, decoration construction and precautions:


(1) Drawing the configuration map: If the designer or foreman is commissioned, they will be led to investigate the store space and make a preliminary idea discussion on the spot. After they have measured the size and pattern, painted the floor plan, and planned a new compartment configuration, it will be discussed and revised with you.


(2) Old pipelines should be updated: especially if the pipeline is not replaced by new pipelines for more than ten years, it is best to replace the water and electricity pipelines to ensure safety.


(3) Change the structure of the structure: When knocking out structures such as walls or stairs, it is necessary to pay attention to the columns, beams, and main load-bearing walls.


Car beauty shop decoration process 4, maintenance of shop decoration:


After the store is finished, it is not the end of the process. Whether it is bought or made by itself, it takes a lot of time to maintain, and the product update recommended by the decoration is maintained, so that buyers always have new feelings when entering the store. This requires the seller to spend some understanding of the operation of the store to update the store's recommended products and modify the announcement text, etc., there are many such tutorials in the forum, and the decoration business will generally provide video tutorials for you.


The above is how the car beauty shop decoration brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole content of the car beauty shop decoration process, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the car beauty shop decoration process, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.


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