Seven car coups to effectively prevent rusty paint oxidation

  • by Benjamin Pan

Tip 1: Be wary of minor injuries

Car paint surface often rust, in addition to common collisions, scratches, small tires in the car tires when driving on the paint surface, will make the paint surface appear one by one off the small point, a long time will produce Small rust spots. These small scars are easily overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect the body, the engine compartment cover and the body around the vehicle, and if necessary, we must promptly go to a professional beauty shop for treatment.

Tip 2: Check the humidity at the stagnant office

It is unavoidable to experience rain or snow or muddy water on the road while the vehicle is driving. Sludge is likely to accumulate in some voids and on the floor of the car at the bottom of the car. If the owner does not clean it in time, it will cause moisture. Can be hidden. Therefore, check the inner and outer edges of the hub, the bottom corner of the door, the trunk corner, the key hole of the door, and the movable part of the wiper frame, and check the openness of the drainage holes of the doors and the body parts at the same time. Humidity, such as carpets, prevents the floor parts from rusting.

Tip 3: Seal the glazed finish

Some vehicles with relatively soft paint may also cause fine scars when the sand particles hit the body during high-speed driving. For this kind of car, it can be used to seal the car body. It can form a solid mesh protective film and improve the hardness of the paint surface. The effect can be maintained for about one year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the bottom of the vehicle can be chassis armored or sealed plastic, this can protect the chassis acid rain, corrosion, so that the original protective layer is not easy to crack, fall off, but also to prevent the impact of small stones on the chassis.

Tip 4: It is better not to cover the garment

Vehicles parked outdoors, in the event of windy and rainy weather, the inner layer of the garments will be repeatedly patted with paint, especially if the garments are blown into the wind and sand, it will draw numerous small strokes on the body. Traces, over time, can also cause lacquer on the surface. In addition, do not use the tweezers or rags to clean the sand on the body directly after the sand has been blown. Instead, rinse with clean water. This is also to prevent the sand on the rake and rag from scratching the paint.

Tip 5: Do it yourself with little rust

For the slight scratches or rust that have already appeared on the body, if the owner is irrespective of rust, it is not worth spending at the auto shop. Then, owners can do it by themselves with some simple methods.

Tip 6: Paint pen can handle scars

If the corrosion is not very serious, you can first use a very fine water-sandpaper to dip the water to gently rub off the rust, but do not avoid non-directional grinding, to the same line to the grinding. After thoroughly wiping, apply a primer. If it is a new scratch, it can be applied directly with a primer. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with a small tank of original paint, it can wait for the primer to dry, and then polish it with water-based sandpaper and coat the original paint on top of the primer. If you do not have the original paint, you can buy a makeup pen and paint it with a paint pen. Although this kind of treatment does not have a good effect on the treatment of the beauty shop, if it is a small or unnoticeable scar, it can also serve to prevent the rust from being enlarged and aggravated.

Tip 7: Apply toothpaste temporarily to prevent rust

Treat with ordinary toothpaste. When new scars are found, apply toothpaste to the scratches with a light wipe. After raining or washing your car, don't forget to paint it again. In general, this can reduce scratch marks, and it can also simply act as a barrier to prevent rust. There is no problem in the short term. Especially white paint, the effect is most obvious.
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