4 major car wash precautions should not be washed in the sun

  • by Benjamin Pan

How do you wash the car? Did you know that the wrong way of car washing can damage your car! SGCB prepared the following four kinds of Car Wash precautions for everyone. Come and have a look!

Car wash 4 major considerations can not be cleaned in the sun exposure, a car foam cannon to wash the car, the use of foam cannon will not hurt paint.

Second, the car wash with non-waxing car washes using ordinary car wash liquid car wash, easily lead to body paint damage. The use of non-dewaxed car wash will protect the body from corrosion of other materials to a certain extent and ensure the brightness of the body!

Third, do not wash the car in the sun under sunlight exposure to wash the car in the sun, the water droplets stay in the car body is equivalent to a small convex lens, direct sunlight through the water droplets focus, heat concentration, long time, easy to paint bad Oh!

Fourth, wash once a week, the best car owners love the car, every two or three days to wash a car, and some owners have to wait until the car is very dirty case to wash the car, these are not correct. The car wash is not diligent and can easily cause damage to the car. It is recommended to wash once a week.

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