How to detail your engine bay

  • by Benjamin Pan

After using the car for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the parts of the car, but the structure of large parts like the engine is complicated, we can't do it ourselves. What is used to clean everyone is actually very vague, I think it can be the same as a car wash, if such a simple repair shop will not ask you so much money, right? When you are cleaning, you have to go to a professional place, but it is good to know some of this knowledge yourself. So how to clean the car engine bay SGCB for everyone to sum up.

Method collection:

1. This is the easiest. Generally, everyone knows that after dust is available, it is good to blow it. This is a method. Use a blow gun to clean the dust on the surface of the engine bay. The dedicated engine cleaning fluid is then exchanged at a certain rate, and the engine bay is cleaned by a high-efficiency cleaning gun. The high-efficiency cleaning gun is not the same as the high-pressure water gun we usually use. It is a special tool for cleaning the engine parts of the car. Ordinary tap water is ion atomized in the cleaning gun to achieve better cleaning results and to avoid oxidation and water ingress in the engine bay. The technician first cleans the bonnet and cleans the engine bay after drying it with a car wash. Wash with other spray cleaners on the market. The engine bay is air dried. The general cleaning is not only using the wind, the towel can pick up, so it has to be cleaned with the cleaning agent as described in the above small series.

2. This is the first need to do a good job of protective measures, but it is also used, but a method is relatively weak, are done by hand, can not be noted. The front windshield is shielded by a special large towel, and the left and right fenders and the middle net are also covered. The purpose is to prevent the hose from scratching the paint surface during construction, as well as the oil stained, the dust falling on the paint surface, and at the same time protecting the air inlet and modifying the components. Wipe it with a damp cloth. During the wiping process, clean the rag, otherwise it will be more dirty. The engine cover can be cleaned separately with detergent and dried after washing. When cleaning the details, be careful not to get scratched and put on gloves. Turn on the engine and evaporate the water with the temperature at which the engine is operating. The operation is completed. This cleaning is relatively clean, so when cleaning up, everyone mainly wants to wipe the details.

3. Open the water gun to spray the engine bay and wash the dust and dirt on the engine. Be careful at this point, do not rush directly into the engine with a water gun. Rinse the air vents under the front windshield with a water gun. Clean the water tank and heat sink with the flannel and the dust, leaves and other debris on the air cooler. Pay attention to the inside to the outside when cleaning. Use a high pressure gun to clean the fenders on the left and right wheels and the drain holes on the inside of the engine bay. And clean up the leaves and dirt inside. Use an air spray gun or air blow to remove the ash from the engine bay spark plug. Dry all parts of the engine bay thoroughly with a towel or flannel.

Matters needing attention: Everyone knows that the internal structure of the engine bay is more complicated, so be careful when cleaning. The key is that some things can't touch the water, then you should be prepared for waterproofing. If you accidentally have water flowing in, dry it in time. Avoid rusting for a long time. The harness interface in the engine bay is waterproofed, including batteries, engines, air filters, spark plugs and more. Even so, I still don't take the initiative to use high-pressure water guns to spray these parts. After all, there are so many electrical components and harness interfaces in the engine bay, no one will take such risks without knowing the situation. Today's cars use electronically controlled fuel injection systems, which are equipped with engine computers, gearbox computers, ignition computers and various sensors and actuators. These electronic components are all voltage controlled. If these electronic components come into contact with water, there is a possibility of a short circuit, which in turn damages the engine computer. The above said that the engine is damaged by water. If it is really encountered, it will be repaired in a professional store. Now, if you need to change the parts on the car, you need to match the computer, so don't say anything else. So be careful when cleaning, don't wash it, then wash it and then break it.

How to clean the car engine bay is finished for everyone, and now there are many people who wash it by themselves, but in fact, SGCB thinks that there will still be residue. After a period of time, we still have to go to the repair shop to clean it once and do a maintenance. In case of engine aging failure. Just like washing a car, we are only clear on the surface. If we look at it clean, we think it is clean. In fact, there is still a lot of infiltration into the paint without cleaning. Did this article help you in that?

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