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Guide: Some owners went to the car wash shop and saw the staff washing very seriously, washing bubbles flying all over the place, "clean, decontamination" ability is very strong, and then the dirty car seems to be able to clean, washed out from the outside looks very clean. If you want to know what car wash is used to wash the car, you can use your fingers to squeeze, use the nose to smell the bubbles and find that it is a washing powder. 

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Phenomenon: Nowadays, the use of washing powder and spray foam to clean dirt on the paint seems to be a routine practice in car wash and beauty shops. However, is this correct? 

Answer: Half a day to use a bag of detergent. The most fundamental purpose of a car wash is to wash off the stains on the car. It is definitely not clean with only clean water. What to use for car wash is definitely stressful. The car wash remover used in the car wash shop on the market can basically be divided into three types: detergent, detergent, and special car wash liquid. 

Some owners went to the car wash shop and saw the staff washing very seriously. Washing bubbles were flying all over the place. The ability to “clean and decontaminate” was strong, and the dirty car seemed to be cleanable. It looked clean from the outside. If you want to know what car wash is used to wash the car, you can use your fingers to squeeze, use the nose to smell the bubbles and find that it is a washing powder. Using washing powder and detergent instead of car washing agent will hurt car paint. Although the cost of detergent is low, but because of the alkaline detergent, it will damage the paint. If the detergent is used to wash the car for a long time, the surface of the car will gradually lose its luster and damage the car body. The corrosion of laundry detergent on the paint is difficult to see in the short term, so many owners do not know the powerful, which creates opportunities for some roadside car wash to make money. If the original paint is well-maintained, the life expectancy can be as long as 10 years. If you use these inferior products for a long time to wash your car, the car paint will be greatly reduced, and most owners do not understand the truth. Businesses are using consumers. This kind of blind area of knowledge is playing the edge of the game. 

Exposure: There is a difference of more than 10 times between the cost of a professional car washes agent and detergent. It is obvious that the use of inexpensive detergents to replace the high-priced special car washes is undoubtedly an invisible income for businesses. The staggering profits have led businesses to sacrifice their interests. 

It is understood that a bottle of professional car washes packaged in the price of 100 yuan to 150 yuan, while the detergent in the supermarket, the most expensive bag is only 10 yuan. According to the estimate of the cost of washing a car, the cost of a car wash is more than 10 times the cost of a car wash compared to washing powder. In addition, with professional foam foam car wash, a pound of foam can be used against 50 pounds of water, about 60 cars can be scrubbed; but a large bag of detergent, a large bottle of detergent can wash after more than 100 vehicles, can be described as amazing profits. Some unscrupulous merchants are seeing the huge profits in this, and they will deceive consumers under the drive of interests. 

All car owners want their car to drive for a long time, reducing maintenance costs. To do this, we must learn to scientifically conserve cars. However, in the car maintenance, there are often such cases that one thinks it is to maintain the car. In fact, it is self-righteous that it damages the car, and some of them even damage the paint protection layer, resulting in flaking paint. What is the problem? 

[Answer] In fact, do not think that the car wash is just a matter of washing and rubbing, and most owners do not know what kind of service they should spend. Professional car wash should start from the pre-cleaning of the place where special treatment is needed. Then, the heavy dirt area should be cleaned specifically, such as the tire, engine exterior, bumper, etc. Then the entire car body (including bodywork, tires, automotive glass, etc.) is cleaned. ) Finally, use professional tools to thoroughly clean and polish the interior parts. 

Manual car wash is generally divided into the following steps: 

1, high-pressure water gun flushing the body surface of the vehicle; 
2. Use a car wash solution to clean the entire vehicle's watch and use a brush to clean the tires and wheels; 
3. Use a high-pressure water gun to flush away the car wash fluid on the surface of the entire car; 
4, with a towel, suede polish the whole car (here to emphasize that: the towel to clean the car to 2 ~ 3, because wipe different parts, use different towels); 
5, with a wind gun to dry the body of some places not easy to wipe the water droplets (mainly including: the window of the strip seal, the door frame, the back box border, etc.). 

Automatic car wash is generally divided into the following steps: 

1. High-pressure water jetting, whose role is to separate the asphalt spots, oil stains, sandy soil, etc. from the car paint on the vehicle body; 
2. Spray the car body with special car wash fluid; 
3, Top brush profile cleaning car top; 
4, side brush and skirt brush cleaning the sides of the car; 
5, wash off the washing liquid with water; 
6, spray car body special bright light wax; 
7, strong air-drying system, blow off the water on the body, and the light evenly blowing wax on the surface of the body; 
8, advanced polishing brush polishing the body surface. 

Compared with manual car washing, the biggest advantages of automatic car washing machine are: complete cleaning, fast cleaning speed, automatic spraying of car wash liquid, and more importantly, wax washing liquid in the car washing machine, can form a paint protection layer like stealth car clothing. It is equivalent to a layer of wax while washing the car. 

Car wash car wash machine to use special car wash liquid special car wash solution refers to the car wash machine manufacturers have been verified specifically for computer car washing machine washing liquid, rich in active factors, strong detergency, high degree of cleanliness, will not erode The car surface, if it contains water wax components, can give the car body a moisturizing and maintaining effect at the same time of car washing. Even if the car is washed frequently, it will not damage the car paint, but it will be washed brighter. The types of computer car washing machine special car wash liquid can be roughly divided into three categories: neutral car wash liquid, acidic car wash liquid, alkaline car wash liquid. At present, neutral car washes are generally used in various brushed computer car washers, and acidic car washes and alkaline car washes are commonly used in various brushless computer car washers. Please refer to the instructions for use when purchasing and using. 

Tools, supplies, sub-categories manual labor division when the car wash is relatively fine, bear paws used to rub the body, hair brushing rims, sponge washing tires, can not be confused, and follow the top-down principle. When cleaning the car, follow the top-down principle, use a soft towel to dry the water stains on the car body, and use a professional wet or dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum the inside of the car.
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