Summer car wash five errors introduced

  • by Benjamin Pan

When it comes to car washing, the first reaction of many people is, who will not! Indeed, car washing is a trivial matter and there is no technical content. But what I want to say is that there are still many details that need attention in the car wash. If you don't notice it, you may damage the car. Below, let's talk about some misunderstandings that need to be avoided in the summer car wash.

◆ washing powder car wash

Loss index: ★★★★★

The first mistake to avoid is the choice of detergent. Many car owners do not buy professional car cleaners, but choose to use daily cleaning products instead. In fact, this is a very bad habit. Because these daily cleaning products have different pH values, they are very corrosive to automotive paints.

◆ directly with high pressure water gun spray / wipe

Loss index: ★★★★★

Many car owners car wash, the first step will choose to use a high pressure water gun to wash the car, and then slowly scrub. In fact, this is also a car wash misunderstanding. Because after the car has been driving for a period of time, dust or small particles will adhere to the surface of the car. If, before the car wash, these are washed away without clean water, but directly sprayed with a high-pressure water gun or wiped directly with a rag, these dust particles will make a "frictional motion" on the paint surface and damage the body paint surface.

◆Car wash in strong sunlight

Loss car index: ★★★★

The reason why you don't wash your car under the hot sun is because after the car has been exposed to the sun, pouring cold water can damage the paintwork. Moreover, under the hot sun washing, the water droplets on the car will form a convex lens effect, so that the top layer of the car paint has a local high temperature phenomenon, for a long time, the paint will lose its luster. Therefore, in the summer, the car wash must be done in the shade or in the morning and in the evening when the sun is not large.

◆ Do not wash the car during the rainy season

Loss car index: ★★★★

During the rainy season, many car owners are reluctant to wash cars and think that the rain has already rinsed the car and there is no need to wash it. In fact, these ideas are all wrong. Because the rainwater is acidic, if the car is not washed as quickly as possible, the light rain that erodes the painted surface will corrode even the car chassis, causing vehicle breakdown.

◆ frequent car wash

Loss car index: ★★★★

There is no benefit to doing anything, and the same is true for car washing. If the car wash is too frequent, it will greatly accelerate the oxidation of the paint, which will cause the paint to fade and lose luster. Car wash cycle, under normal circumstances choose to wash once a week is more appropriate.

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