Car detailing more than professional will harm the health of the car ?

  • by Benjamin Pan

Speaking of "car detailing," I believe that many car owners are not particularly aware of it, or to say little, but "car detailing" is inseparable from the lives of car owners. To this end, one of the famous automotive supplies company "SGCB" gathers a number of car detailing experts to sit, through this article for you to unveil the "vehicle detailing" of the mystery, let you fully grasp the "car detailing".

Car detailing is more than professional, it will endanger the health of the car

“Automotive Detailing” as its name suggests is to use different kinds of automotive detailing care products and construction techniques for the maintenance requirements for different materials of various parts of the car, and to carry out brand-new maintenance and care for automobiles. In the SGCB studio, car detailing is not only the conventional cosmetic treatments such as car waxing, stain removal, deodorization, vacuum cleaning, and cleaning services inside and outside the car in the traditional concept, but also the use of professional beauty products and high-tech technical equipment. The use of special techniques and methods to enhance the gloss, waxing, polishing, coating and deep scratches on the paint surface, the beauty of the whole car paint, the anticorrosion coating of the chassis and the refurbishment of the engine surface, etc. "The old car is new, the value of the new car is preserved, and the lifetime gain is increased."

Car detailing is more than professional, it will endanger the health of the car

In general, professional car detailing is through advanced equipment and hundreds of supplies, after dozens of procedures, from the body, car room (carpet, leather, velvet, instrumentation, audio, ceiling, hot and cold air outlet, gear area, etc. High-pressure cleaning, vacuuming, polishing, engine (free cleaning), rim tires, chassis, bumpers, oil circuits, etc. are used for the entire vehicle processing, so that the old cars become new cars and maintain long-term, and for the deeper draw Traces can be specially quick repaired. Vehicles that regularly carry out car detailing can also effectively prevent car paint from oxidizing and maintain the gloss of the paint; prevent air pollution in the cabin, prevent bacteria from growing, mold velvet, and age the leather to protect the health and driving mood of the owners and passengers.

Car detailing, at the same time, shows the owner's attitude and pursuit of life.

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