Car wash 6 big notice!

  • by Benjamin Pan

Don't hurt your car, car wash 6 big notices!

1. Wash the car and pick the days to watch the hours! ?

Some people think that washing the car under the big sun can make the car dry faster. After all, the natural best is to save the money of the gun! In fact, you are destroying your car, do you know?

Washing the car at noon or under the sun, the convex lens formed by the water droplets will cause a condensing effect, which will raise the temperature of the paint surface. If it is long, it will lose its luster, and the water droplets will be evaporated by the sun, leaving water marks on the paint surface. The same applies to detergents and waxes, which are easily exposed to strong sunlight. Therefore, the correct time for car wash should be in a sheltered environment. The choice of cloudy and cool weather is the most suitable for early morning and evening. It is best to choose a place with shelter.

2. Is the ice fire five-day car affected?

Many people are skeptical about whether or not to have a cold car before washing a car? This time I will tell you something. Imagine that you are riding a bike today, and suddenly it is pouring rain. Is your car going to hang? So we know that it is not necessary to wait until the engine and exhaust pipe are "completely" cooled before starting the car wash.

Everyone is skeptical about the cold car.

However, there are still some places to pay special attention to! For example, just after running the track or mountain road, even after long-distance riding, do not sprinkle water to cool down when the disc is hot, to avoid deformation of the disc; in addition, it is easier to make the surface of the engine peel off when it is cooled at high temperature. Slightly cool down to the hand, you can directly touch the case, you can start washing and washing without scalding!

Just after running the track, you need to wait for the car to cool slightly in the car wash. You can wash your car with your hands touching without being burnt.

3. What is the high pressure water jet?

In addition to the use of high-pressure water guns to flush the water, the biggest purpose is to use the high-pressure water column to wash away the dirt and dust attached to the body, avoiding the sandpaper scratching the paint when the car is washed, of course, this high pressure The water gun can't be sprayed on the person. The parts on the car also need special attention. In addition to washing at a certain distance to avoid scouring the paint, the exposed wires, the switch seat on the handlebar and the instrument panel must be specially washed. Note that there are still many people who ignore the water-cooled row. Remember to use a water pipe to flush the fins to avoid damage to the high-pressure water column.

Take the carburst and dust on the car through the high-pressure water gun, try to avoid long-time flushing at the switch, and the water-cooled row is a place that everyone often ignores.

4. Wash from top to bottom or from bottom to top?

Most people think that the closer the car is to the ground, the dirtier it is. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it from the top. This is actually only half of the way. From the perspective of protecting the car, the car should be cleaned separately from other parts. Separating the car shell is mainly concerned that the sand in other parts will be taken away by the sponge, and the friction with the car shell will cause more serious damage during the brushing. In addition, the amount of foam should be sufficient to cover the entire body as much as possible, and it is more helpful to carry away the dirt such as sediment.

Remember to have enough foam, try to cover the entire car body, the car shell needs to be cleaned separately from other parts, and the brushing tools will be different because of different parts.

5. The stronger the decontamination ability of the cleaner, the better?

There are many detergents on the market that emphasize strong decontamination. However, how to choose is a university question. Here, you can provide a direction of "selectiveness". Yes, using neutral detergent does not mean decontamination. Poor, but more able to protect your car, the oil seal, rubber, etc. on the car are also less aggressive, and especially the modified riders, the anode wheel frame, shock absorbers should pay special attention, if selected The wrong detergent is destroyed!

Neutral detergents are less harmful than neutrals, and neutral detergents also have good decontamination effects. Cars with modified products have to be carefully selected

6. Is the spray wax all sprayed? 6. Is the spray wax all sprayed?

After washing the car, everyone will help the car to wax, to ensure that the car shines. In fact, although the wax is easy to use, it is not a universal use! After washing the car parts switch, remember to blow it with a wind gun.

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