Do not understand the point of car knowledge, car wash waxing is inevitable

  • by Benjamin Pan
As the weather turned fine in recent days, everything began to recover, and the long-lost warm sun was also erupted in major cities. The staff officer, like everyone else, lingered on this warm sun that hadn't been seen for a long time. So he drove out on the weekend and prepared to take a bath in the sun for his car. When I saw the long queue of the automatic car wash, I was immediately scared... This scene can not help but let the staff officer sigh, do not understand the car knowledge, be pitted is inevitable! 

[Car wash also destroys the car? Look at the automatic car wash machine teach you how to destroy the car] 

In the case of good weather and weekends, many car owners often choose to wash the car wash quickly to save time. The so-called quick washing is to drive the car to the designated position of the automatic car washing machine. If the hand brake is not applied, the automatic car washing machine will give you a computer-set program to wash the car. 

In order to speed up the speed of car washing, the bubble of the automatic car washing machine often hides the mystery. As the saying goes, "If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools." When a tiny nozzle sprays an unknown foam cleaner on your car, You will find that the foam is not the same as the foam of car cleaners bought in the shop or on the Internet. Generally speaking, the foam of an automatic car washer is a bit similar to the foam produced by detergent powder. 

Friends who have carefully read the washing powder know that in order to increase the friction coefficient and improve the effect of removing stains, the detergent powder often contains granular crystals. Imagine that the high-speed water gun of an automatic washing machine is sprayed on the surface of a car paint, and a similar washing powder-like crystal has been sprayed on before. Such a car washing method is tantamount to polishing the surface of a car. 

If you think that there is only a problem with detergents, then you are naive. After the automatic car washing machine finishes washing the car, there will be a group of old and old ladies holding sponges and towels to wipe out the places where the automatic car wash machines are not clean. Most of the sponges and towels have sediments that have been retained. Perhaps some of the careless friends never looked out of the car. If you happen to be a brand new black car, you will find that after the “baptism” of automatic car washes and car washes, the car's lacquer has left behind a lot of tiny scratches. . Everyone loves beauty, not to mention their car is more a symbol of whether the owner of the car is clean and tasteful. Although it is a good thing to wash a car with good weather, this car mode is a little hurtful. 

Automatic car washing machines are often cheaper. Shopkeepers don't add "secret weapons" to their customers. They don't wash cleanly and run into bad-tempered customers. Rework is unavoidable. This undoubtedly greatly increases the cost of the store. 

The chief of staff advised to go to a car wash in a professional car wash. If you are too expensive, you can use it yourself. You can also buy a special foam cleaner to wash your car online. Although it takes a little time, car washes and went to a professional car wash to wash the car. The damage to the car would definitely be greatly reduced. This will not only protect your car paint, but also virtually maintain the car's second-hand residual value. 

[paint surface stains can not be removed? Don't be fooled by the car washer, everything is fine 

Friends who have washed the car outside should have encountered it. The car washes to you that "your car should be polished and waxed, and the dirt on the surface cannot be wiped off." Well-behaved car washers tend to rub back and forth even harder, causing you to mistake the car for waxing. Some sensible car owners may choose to take a towel to wipe it, but they do not know that this move is right in the middle of the shop. When the owner rubs back and forth without cleaning the dirt on the surface, some owners will pay for the polishing and waxing of the car's surface. 

Just like a car washer, if the light is wiped clean with a towel, it usually takes a lot of effort, and the effect is not good. After all, some dirt is glue. Under normal circumstances, it is actually very simple to clean dirt on the surface of a car. Everyone can observe and touch the dirt by hand. If it is a spot-like dirt for a long time, you can spray a foam cleaner and wait a few seconds to wipe it hard. The effect is tried and tested. (Particle-free toothpaste can also achieve this effect.) Another stain is a gel-containing stain because the surface is sticky and it is often difficult to remove it. Everyone can buy “Automotive Only Tar” on the way up, and like the foam cleaner, spray on the surface of the stain for several tens of seconds and wipe it with force. 

Tips: Polishing and waxing generally depends on the owner's car environment, if the long-term parked in the garage is usually more car care, then you can wax once a year; if you parked the car for a long time, just in the industrial city (acid rain) can wax once every six months. 

Of course, some involuntary car owners don't really care. In their conception, buying a car is a service for people, and there is no need to be so hypocritical. However, for car owners like the Chief of Staff, it is better to learn more about car knowledge and less to be pitted by others. 
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