Car wash towel material classification own car wash matters needing attention

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Now the owner of the car wash is expensive, so many car owners now like their own car wash, feel both economical and affordable, and will not spend too much energy on it. However, when the car owner chooses to wash his car, he should choose a towel and use a special car wash towel . What are the specific precautions for your own car wash? Next, take a look with Xiao Bian!


Car wash towel material classification

The first kind: Microfiber towel

Material: Microfiber (Same as cotton towels are weft and warp, but different materials)


1, cheap

2. Compared with ordinary cotton towels, the water absorption is strong, and the situation of hair loss is slight

3, because the weaving method is similar to the ordinary cotton towel, it is easy to stick stone particles, and little attention will be given to the paint surface.

Market Analysis: This type of towel is used in general car wash shops. And due to the appropriate price, the majority of riders generally promote pets.

Shopping suggestions: This towel generally has a certain gap in thickness, size, and surface smoothness. It is recommended to choose a thicker, smoother surface on the purchase.

Second: imitation deerskin towel

Material: PVA


1. Water Absorption: This product is more than 5 times of water-absorption capacity of ordinary towel, shampoo is dry

2. Cleanliness: The cleansing power is more than 3 times that of the ordinary towel, making the skin clean and clean;

3, soft: soft and delicate touch, comfortable skin massage effect, keep the skin delicate, reduce wrinkles

4, toughness: strong nature, tensile strength, tear resistance, a arrived ten

5, deodorant: This product is made of PVA+MIC antibacterial anti-mildew treatment, 100% environmental protection, to prevent bacteria invasion and reproduction

6, other: anti-static, can not afford cotton

7. Disadvantages: It is not possible to use hot water to steam and not to be exposed to sunlight. It needs to be kept moist and may not grow bacteria for a long period of time. (very hard to dry)

The third kind: suede towel

Material: Authentic sheepskin


O Rui Chi natural suede cleaning towel, derived from sheepskin, real animal tissue fiber, lint-free, non-stick dust particles, absorbent, soft and smooth, do not hurt car paint, wipe the car preferred!

Wide range of uses, cleaning it with a car, high-end furniture, precision equipment also have to use it! In fact, the application of fur towel is quite extensive, and it is generally used for the equipment that requires high cleaning tools!

Self car wash matters needing attention

Soft water

Car wash is the most indispensable water, general water quality if not good, it will contain some small sand, easy to affect the paint, so the conditional owners are better to use soft water as well, if the owner can not distinguish It is also possible to precipitate water in a container before settling it.

2. Fine cloth

When the owner chooses to use a sponge or car wash cloth to scrub the body, I must pay attention to the sponge or car wash cloth in the scrubbing process must bring water, not dry rub, otherwise it will scratch the car paint. When wiping glass, be sure to use a rag with a soft texture. Never use it as a rag. If adhesive tape, asphalt, asphalt, or the like is stuck on the body and tires, it is best to clean it with a suitable cleaner. Do not scratch hard.

3. Order

When the car owner is washing his car, the order of scrubbing is very important. The car washes should follow the principles of top-down, ie roof, front and rear covers, followed by scrubbing the sides of the car, lamps, bumpers, and skirts. Wheels and so on. Car owners need more careful.

4. Towels

The last thing the owner needs to pay attention to is to use a towel with a long fluff to dry after washing the car. The long fluff can absorb the dirt so that it will not scratch the paint. The special car wash towel is not like the ordinary towel on the surface of the body to leave a fine villi, the damage to the paint surface is also small, when the cleaning is completed to wipe the body, but also use a special cleaning towel. The same car wash towel and towel should also be separated and cannot be used. Otherwise it will be easy to inadvertently hurt the car paint.

The above is the introduction of the related content of car wash towels, and I hope to help you. For more information on towels, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

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