How to decorate the car wash shop? Car wash shop decoration design points

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If you want to attract more customers in the car wash shop, the decoration inside and outside the store is very important. If the car wash shop decoration design is not in place, the cost of investing more is also flat. So how to decorate the car wash shop? The following decoration home decoration network small series will bring you the car wash shop decoration design points for your reference.


How to decorate the car wash shop?






Car wash shop decoration design points 1, the basic requirements for access to water:


Considering the characteristics of the car wash shop, car wash is the most basic project, so in the decoration, the car wash shop should pay attention to the circuit design and lifting arrangement of the hydropower unit.


Inlet water: The faucet is mainly installed in a place that does not interfere with the situation. In addition, a special faucet (fast connector) for the washing machine should be installed. Because many towels and bath towels are used every day, the washing machine can be cleaned in time and quickly and replaced in time.


Drainage: The sewage of car washing and car beauty is directly discharged into the sewer to avoid the water flowing after the car wash to the front of the store, which seriously affects the image of the car wash shop. The car owner will drive away and the vehicle that has just finished car beauty will be covered with mud.


Car wash shop decoration design points 2, the overall decoration design:


Clearly position the high-end car beauty franchise store to ensure the decoration effect. When the car wash shop is renovated, it will focus on the location of the store, tap the core of the brand, and carry out creative visual design and atmosphere design around this point. The project features and store atmosphere of the car wash shop are created, the store brand image is highlighted, and the sales attraction of the product display is enhanced.


Choose a professional decorator. Ensure the quality of the decoration, strictly in accordance with the qualifications, experience, and strength of the three steps to carry out strict screening of the decorator. More difficult is the cross-regional car wash shop's decorators, there are usually two ways to find them: please introduce their professional decoration construction team in the vicinity of the same industry, decoration style and quality car wash shop; to the decorative building materials market to ask the professional decoration construction team, contractor Ingredients.






Car wash shop decoration design points 3, external decoration notes:


The principles followed by the design are: one in the table, harmonious and unified. The design is adapted to the products being managed and coordinated with the surrounding environment. It can not only show the characteristics of the car wash shop, but also attract customers' attention, but it can't be too awkward and incompatible with the surrounding environment.


The principle of signboard design is simple and outstanding. The design of the size, length and width of the window also has certain principles. The width and height must follow the golden rule. The window design should reflect the characteristics of the store and the goods it carries, so that the customers can not forget.


Car wash shop decoration design points 4, interior decoration notes:


Ceiling: The height of the ceiling depends on the size of the store. If the ceiling is too high, the car wash shop looks like a space hovering, the goods are not rich, if the ceiling is too low, there will be a sense of oppression.


Walls: The walls should be kept clean and sturdy, and the materials that fall off the wall are firmly discarded.


Floor: The floor is preferably made of durable, stain-resistant, wear-resistant materials, and can also use a certain pattern of floor tiles to add beauty.


Hydropower lines: strictly follow the operation of the construction of the flow meter, coordinate the parallel operation, and delay the delay.


The construction of the store is meticulous, mainly focusing on the details, all the water, electricity, wiring and maintenance of the maintenance should be concerned. Specifically, it is to do a good job in the construction drawing, to clarify various details, and to consider all the problems that may be encountered in the decoration in the construction drawing.


The above is how the car wash shop brought to you by Xiaobian is suitable for decoration? The whole contents of the car wash shop decoration design, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of car wash shop decoration, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.


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