Several misunderstandings of your own car wash

  • by Benjamin Pan
xichenqiang After many car owners have enjoyed the pleasure of washing their cars, they will feel a sense of accomplishment when they look at the fruits of their labor. Since the car wash is so relaxed and happy, it's better to just wash it with nothing. Knowing that this seemingly simple "car wash" also has many minefields. 

1, use detergent or detergent car wash 

When it comes to car washes, light must be washed well with clean water, so cleaners are definitely indispensable. The cleansing agent most commonly used in every household is undoubtedly laundry detergent and detergent. Therefore, there are definitely not many people who directly use washing powder or detergent. However, this approach is undoubtedly equivalent to suicide. Washing powder detergent composition is generally sulfonic acid, sulfonic acid long-term effect on the paint surface, easily lead to paint white, lost its original luster. Most of the laundry detergents are alkaline detergents. Long-term use will accelerate the aging of body rubber parts, tires, and windows. 

Therefore, the correct approach is to go to a regular auto supply store or a reputable online shop to purchase a formal dedicated car wash or popular car wash wax, which can remove surface stains and protect car paint. 

2, wipe the body with an ordinary rag 

Many car owners believe that the body made of steel is so rigid that car paint is certainly not easily scratched. In fact, this is a big mistake. Although the car paint itself is not easy to scratch, but the bright layer of the paint surface is very fragile, even if the small sand can easily leave a slight scratch on the surface. This scratch not only affects the appearance, but also accelerates the aging of the paint. 

Correct practice: Buy a special car wash towel with finer fibers and a softer texture. Microfiber towel fiber density, adsorption capacity, and the service life is longer than an ordinary towel, after long-term water washing is still not deformed, at the same time, after using a little drying, it will not moldy, rotten, odorous. In addition, it is better to use different towels depending on the purpose. This will not only ensure that the paint surface will not be damaged, but it will also be able to clean the inside and outside of the car more effectively. 

3, in order to clean frequent car wash 
Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to wash once a week. The general dust, with a feather duster or soft hair mop can be trimmed. However, if there is dust, mud, rain, etc., the owner should clean the vehicle as soon as possible.
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