What are the car care beauty?

  • by Benjamin Pan

As the saying goes, the heart of beauty is there, and it is also true for many car owners. Friends of the car will regularly do some maintenance and beauty for their car. The car that is often maintained can not only reduce the occurrence of faults but also prolong life. Nowadays, car beauty and maintenance are getting more and more people's attention. 


The most basic treatments for car beauty are as follows:

1, protection series


Including glazing protector, makeup artist, bumper glazing protector.

2, waxing series


Including wax, glaze, milk wax, sealant, cleaning wax, repair glaze, deep abrasive.

3, paint dye series


Including engine external retreading agent, aluminum ring retreading agent, silver (black) engine polish.

4, foam cleaning series

Including engine external cleaning agent, high pressure bath.

5, degreasing solvent series

Including waxing water, glue remover.

6, cleaning series

Including heavy cleaning detergent, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, professional cleaning agent.

7, special product series

Including mold remover, trim protector, rubber block, isolation protectant, leather protectant.

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