Protect car paint to avoid four major mistakes in car beauty

  • by Benjamin Pan
New Year's holiday, new weather, this is everyone's attention every year, people have to prepare new clothes and new shoes years ago, and many car owners will be beautiful in the car years ago, but you should pay attention to some car beauty In terms of the following, some of the misunderstandings of car beauty are introduced. 
1. Dead water car wash must use live water, and use dead water is one of the root causes of car scratches. Buckets are the most common appliance. The soil washed from the car was brought into the bucket by the towel. After the towel was smashed in the water, it was brought back to the body and wiped back and forth. 
2. Cheap towels Cheap towels are very thin, and the pressure between the hand and the car paint is far less than the "soft" effect, and it is easy to hurt the paint. In addition, thin towels tend to be hard after drying, and cleaning with a hard towel will definitely cause scratches. So wash the car with a sponge, clean the car with high quality towels and suede. 
3. The order is not correct for most car washes before washing the machine cover, the back cover, then the car wash top, and finally the car wash skirt, this is wrong, the car wash is always washed from top to bottom, because the water with dirt is flowing from top to bottom, Only by washing from top to bottom can you save water and get clean and avoid scratches. 
4. Cleaner is not cheap for many car wash shops. Washing spirit is used as car wash liquid. It is easy to corrode paint and use special car wash.
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