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  • by Benjamin Pan

Introduction: Modern family car has become the main tool for travel, short-distance tour around the weekend, self-driving tour around the holiday, and the time schedule of the car can be arranged according to their own wishes. Since automobiles bring so much convenience to our lives, we also need to pay more attention to the maintenance of automobiles. The maintenance here refers not only to the regular maintenance of 4S stores, but also to small details in daily use. 

First of all, let's look at the basics - car wash, most people may think that the car wash is washed with water, nothing more than to remove the body dirt, then your car really clean it? Here we must remind everyone that car wash must have enough water to wash for a certain period of time, so as to wash away the body dirt. At the same time, we must pay more attention to the corner of the car, such as bumpers, taillights, car grilles, etc. We can teach you tips when cleaning. Bumpers are different from the car body. Use special chemical synthetic agents as much as possible to make it clean. Looks clean and must not even miss the slightest part. If the bumper is painted the same as the body, you can use the same cleaning method as the body. 

The windows are crucial for the driver. If there are oil stains, dirt, etc. on the windows of the car, the sight of the driver will be affected. On the other hand, if the car is wet on a rainy day, there will be fog on the windows. These are all It is quite dangerous. We can use some chemical cleaning agents to ensure the cleanliness of the windows. If you want the whole car to look clean and tidy, you must carefully clean the wheel tires. Although the wheels are metal but do not need hard brushes, please wipe them carefully. In addition, the driver's cab is the environment that the driver directly touches for a long time. Maintaining the neatness of the driver's cab is also a necessary maintenance. For example, a clean steering wheel will bring you a different operating experience. 

The maintenance of the car is a long-term effort. To make the car play a greater role, we must take good care of your mount.

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