Protect car paint car coating so that the car will always show good condition

  • by Benjamin Pan

1. To protect car paint car coating instead of waxing, sealing glaze protection Car paint is more and more attention of the high-end car owners car beauty projects, often go to waxing, sealing glaze is a waste of time, car coating is a gradual alternative Wax seal glaze automotive beauty projects, coating can be completely sealed paint, in the body to form a layer of hardness than the paint 3-8 times the film, to ensure that paint is not oxidized, corrosion, to avoid minor scratches. The warranty time of automotive coatings can reach 2-5 years, and the middle car owner can protect car paint as long as they perform car washing. In addition, the interior can be cleaned and sanitized once every three months. Cleaning the interior of a professional car beauty shop, and applying a protective layer of glazing agent can keep the car in a new car. 

2. Simple parts can be replaced by their own wipers, etc. These secondary replacements and inspections are relatively simple. Buy your own brand on the Internet, and then perform a simple inspection and installation. 

3. Proper maintenance and maintenance is the scientific vehicle maintenance cycle refers to the interval or time between car maintenance. Maintenance should be periodic. Do not love your car as you love children. Frequent maintenance is not a bad thing, but it must be cyclical to avoid internal discomfort caused by excessive maintenance. The initial use of the vehicle is mainly normal maintenance, and the cost is relatively low; when the vehicle is used for a certain period of time or after a certain mileage, it will enter the maintenance period, and the cost is relatively higher. A new car with a good general condition of the automobile may be given a prolonged maintenance period. If the condition of a car is poor or the conditions of use are poor, the maintenance cycle should be appropriately shortened. 

4. Clean the filter to the repair shop. Always pay attention to the cleaning of the car's filter. Do not underestimate it, it will directly affect your fuel consumption and other situations. In the process of using the internal combustion engine of an automobile, impurities such as dust will continuously be mixed into the oil. At the same time, the oxidation of the oil and the exhaust gas will cause the oil to gradually produce gum or sludge, which not only accelerates the wear of the components, but also easily causes oil. Road blocked. So regularly clean the car's filter. 

5. Only need to change the antifreeze once in two years. When the weather turns cold, once the cold air comes and the temperature drops suddenly, it may affect the normal operation of the car cooling system. At this time, tap water in the tank should be promptly replaced with antifreeze. If your car has been using antifreeze, you do not need to replace it immediately. Antifreeze replacement cycle is two years, the general antifreeze replacement cycle is 2 years to 3 years or travel 30,000 kilometers to 40,000 kilometers. Some antifreeze liquids will deposit a small amount of flocculation after one year of storage. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the precipitation of additives and should not be thrown away. If a large number of particles precipitate, it indicates that the antifreeze has deteriorated and can no longer be used. Need to remind everyone that do not forget to clean the engine before replacing antifreeze. 

6. Reasonable purchase of insurance Many vehicle owners often purchase “over-insurance” and “insufficient insurance” when they purchase auto insurance. Excess insurance, that is, the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the insurance object. For example, if a car worth 120,000 yuan is purchased, a stolen amount of 300,000 yuan is insured. If a total loss occurs, the compensation will only be 120,000 yuan. . Article 39, paragraph 2 of the Insurance Law stipulates that the amount of insurance shall not exceed the value of insurance, and if it exceeds the value of insurance, the excess will be invalid, that is, the insured can only receive corresponding compensation when the subject matter of insurance is lost, and cannot be purchased because Insurance gets benefits that exceed the value of the subject-matter insured. In addition, under-insurance coverage is when the insurance coverage is less than the actual value of the subject-matter insured, and this situation will be “prorated”. 

7. Imported tires are not necessarily the best choice. The car is actually on the road and it is actually given to four tires. However, when buying imported tires of various brands, some people will inevitably go into the mistakes of buying. Many consumers are more willing to choose imported tires because of psychological factors. In fact, the new tires introduced by foreign countries do not say too much for domestic users, and they are not necessarily applicable. 

8. Properly Inflating the Tire Correcting the tire pressure is the most important part of the safety inspection. Too low tire pressure will lead to abnormal wear or tire internal damage tire pressure is too high will make tires and rims more vulnerable to uneven road impact deformation and even lead to puncture. The tire pressure must be checked regularly. Except for the spare tire, other tires should be checked at least two weeks. The tire pressure must be checked under the condition that the tire is cooled. Otherwise, the tire temperature will increase due to the high temperature. . At the same time, do not forget to check regularly whether the spare tire pressure is normal. 

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