Car wash has a doorway into these misunderstandings you are in the "destroyed car"

  • by Benjamin Pan

As the saying goes: People rely on clothes, horses rely on saddles, and our “Thousands of horses”—cars, don’t require a face value, but look bright! The mounts are bright, and the mood will be good! Let’s talk about the value of the car today. These things, the car wash this thing looks like Soeasy, in fact ... ... The doorway is really to be a good road! Some car wash methods seem to be correct, in fact, it may have quietly damaged your car! 

Misunderstanding 1 

Too much wash to protect the lacquer on the car wash, most of the small partners love their car care, there are even more than a day can be washed many times, think that go out in a circle to contaminate too much dust, which should be paint pollution Bad! 

【Remind】Car wash frequency should not be excessive, the frequency is too high but will speed up the paint wear, we must pay attention! 

Misunderstanding 2 

The more bubbles are washed, the cleaner they are. Most car wash lines will spray or rub cleaning agents on the car body after washing away the dust from the car. The owner’s response is usually “water wax”. The car owners often see more bubbles and more happy when they are scrubbed. They feel that they are more decontaminated and cleaner. 

[Reminder] Not all car washes used water wax, some car wash line, cleaning agent used to clean the car is often used detergent, detergent blending. Wash powder is an alkaline detergent, long-term use will seriously damage the paint gloss. 

Misunderstanding 3 

The clearer the car wash in the sun, the clearer it was in the sunny afternoon, and took a bucket to take a shower for the car and watched the car sparkle in the sunlight, which was a great pleasure for many car owners. However, everyone may not know that the big sun at midday in summer is actually the most unsuitable for car washing, especially at the height of the noon sunshine. Although strong light can dry the water on the body as quickly as possible, the water droplets will produce local high temperature on the paint before evaporation, which will make the paint lose its luster. 

【Reminder】Friends who like to enjoy their own hands-on car wash may choose to do car wash in the morning or evening when the sun is not so strong. 

Misunderstanding 4 

It is believed that many car owners have such experience when directly using water in the cab. When eating or moving articles in the car, they accidentally soiled the seat cushions, the roof of the car, etc., and looked at the eyes, immediately using water or washing liquid. Cleaning, but after the formation of a block of ugly stains, on the contrary, let the car look more dirty. "During routine cleaning of car interiors, cleaning agents should not be used arbitrarily." There are a wide variety of in-vehicle cleaning agents currently on the market, but most of them are targeted. Moreover, even if the cleaning agent is used correctly, it often happens that certain stains have been cleaned up, but there is a clear gap between the old and new surroundings. 

[Reminder] Conspicuous spots in the car should not be cleaned by themselves as long as they are not too large. It is more cost-effective to take the regular car washing shop to wash the car than to buy the cleaning agent, and the effect is much better. 

Myth 5 

After the rain does not need to wash the car Many owners think that after the rain, the vehicle has been washed clean by the rain, there is no need to wash the car, this idea is somewhat subjective. 

[Remind] The rainwater contains acidic components. If the car is not washed in time after the rain, these acidic components will adhere to the paint surface, causing damage to the paint. Moreover, when driving in the rain, the sludge on the road will splash on the body paint surface. If it is not cleaned in time, it will not only affect the appearance of the vehicle, but also will be bad for the paint. Therefore, if the weather turns fine after rain, it is recommended that owners clean the vehicle in time. 

How to carefully and correctly order the car wash and car wash should be properly cleaned from the roof, front machine cover, luggage, body side, lamps and bumper to wheels. For special stains, such as animal carcasses or excrement, asphalt and paint chemical materials, in addition to the use of clean water with car-specific cleaning agents and wiping tools, be sure to ask the exact use of cleaning agents at the time of purchase, or Purchase for different conditions of your own vehicle. 

Body Washing Details Some owners like to wash their cars themselves. When car washing, every part of the car body is immersed in water. On the one hand, the dirt can be washed away. On the other hand, the adhesive dust can also be softened with water. The following scrubbing steps save a lot of effort. However, when the owner of the water flushes, do not wipe it with a cloth at the same time to avoid rubbing the dust and scratching the body. 

Many people think that as long as they take a piece of cloth to wipe it, it is not. The main reason the car knows is that car body paint is a very fragile thing and cannot withstand any hard object friction. Therefore, the higher the cotton content in the cloth, the softer it is and the less damage it will cause. Now there are special wipes on the market, ready to buy. Of course, if the car mainly wants to save money, it can also be replaced with pure cotton cloth. 

After washing, dry fast. Do not park after the car is washed. Drive it on the road for a period of time so that as the car moves, the remaining water drops in the door seam will be thrown out. In addition, during the driving of the car, you can turn on the air conditioner, which is conducive to drying the residual water in the door seams, window seams and other parts. 
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