Car waxing process experts teach you the correct method of car waxing

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Automotive maintenance of common sense: waxing, really good for car care and maintenance, but the current owner of the car waxing many do not know the right way, for example, there are some car owners will give frequent waxing Some of them simply do not fight, and some owners believe that the correct way to wax a car is to use car waxes that are as expensive as possible. In fact, these car waxing methods are not appropriate. Let's let Xiaobian introduce some of the correct methods for car waxing, as well as precautions when waxing.

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1 Low quality "normal waxing" 
Ordinary waxing is also called direct waxing. More than 90% of car owners use this kind of waxing, and more than 90% of professional service outlets also use this direct waxing method. 
The so-called direct waxing is to wash the car and dry it. When the car body is at room temperature, the wax is hit on the car, polished with a soft towel, and finally the soft wax brush is used to remove the residual wax in the crevice. This direct waxing is more suitable for new car paint. The new paint surface smooth, no remnants, no scratches, the wax can have a very good level surface. 
Paint surfaces that use cars for more than one year do not have the same level of surface as new cars. When viewed with a microscope (tens of times), its surface is actually uneven. This kind of incompleteness is caused by various kinds of corrosion mentioned earlier. Directly after waxing the car paint bright but uneven surface is not conducive to water and oxidation. High quality "professional waxing" allows the entiresurface of the flat, bright, conducive to water and oxidation. 
2 High quality "professional waxing" 
There are several terms about waxing, as described below. 
Brightening agents: also known as credit to agents, its main function is to fill scratches the paint defect, the water level reached the surface. The brightening agent has a high gloss and looks like waxing. 
Encapsulant: As with the glaze, its basic function is to fill the scratch defect, while forming a waterproofprotective layer, and the sealant emphasizes the ability to adhere to paint, that is, its "seal" performance. The gloss of the sealant is worse than that of the glaze. 
a. Seal and seal waxing also called "restore" procedure, the paint is first restored to its original "eye surface." The "restore" here refers to the place where the scratches are uneven, not the true reduction. The reduction product can use brightening agent or sealant (suggested to use at the same time), the same way as waxing. 
b. Waxing must be waxed after sealing. The melting point of the brightening agent and sealant is very low, and the effect will disappear in less than one hour in the sun , so it is necessary to wax as soon as possible. 
The wax actually doubles as a protective layer: it protects the paintwork; it protects the level of paintwork that the glaze brings. It was "lazy", that the waxing procedure can be "omitted" that the brightening agent after the car has been bright enough, this approach is wrong.


    Car waxing the right way First step: How to choose car wax

At present, there are a wide variety of waxes on the market, ranging from solids to liquids, and the quality of car wax is not the same. Different car wax performance is different, its role and effect is not the same, so the first step in the correct method of car waxing to do a good job. Be cautious when choosing, not only can not choose to protect the body, but make the car paint discoloration.

Under normal circumstances, the correct method of car waxing is based on the characteristics of car wax, the newness of the vehicle, paint color and driving environment and other factors. The new car is best to use color coated wax to protect the body's luster and color, in the summer should choose to use UV car wax, when the poor driving environment, the application of prominent tree wax. Ordinary vehicles use ordinary pearl or metal paint series car wax, high-end cars should use high-grade car wax, or damage to the body. Of course, the correct method of car waxing must also be considered in line with the car paint color, generally dark car paint selection of black, red, green series car wax, light car paint selection of silver, white, pearl car wax series.


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