Paint spray gun type paint spray gun use method paint spray gun price

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Abstract: Many homes now paint, although the professional technicians brushed it in the early stage, but it is difficult to protect a small piece in the future. We need to fix it ourselves. So, do you know what kinds of paint spray guns, the price of paint spray guns? And the method of use is also what we need to understand. The following small series will introduce you to these aspects.

[Paint spray gun] paint spray gun type paint spray gun use method paint spray gun price

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First, the type of paint spray gun

Paint spray guns can be divided into different types according to different aspects. According to the way of paint delivery, they can be divided into press type, press type, and suction type; according to the position of the tank, they can be divided into upper pot type and lower pot type; Can be divided into mouth-shaped and flat-mouth.

Second, the use of paint spray gun

1. Firstly, the newly purchased spray guns are usually coated with anti-corrosion oil. We must first clean them with soapy water.

2. Shake the paint and pour it into the paint cup. After the paint is completely dripped into the paint cup, cover it as soon as possible to prevent the paint from decomposing or drying out.

3. When spraying paint, first test whether the trace of the spray is normal on the waste. After normal, start spraying. The spray gun should be 12-20 cm away from the sprayed surface.

4. The spray gun should always be at an angle perpendicular to the surface to be painted, maintain an equal distance, and move in parallel. Each time the spray marks should overlap with the last one third.

5, the speed of the spray gun should be appropriate, not too fast or too slow. Apply speed from top to bottom should be too fast to avoid paint build-up or partial coating too thick.

Second, the price of paint spray gun

The following information is for reference only and is subject to the actual selling price of the local distributor.

The price of paint spray guns of different origins, different brands and different models is very different. The cheapest domestic 50 yuan / put, the most expensive imported paint spray gun 1000 yuan / handle. 

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