Does hand sanitizer wash the car and hurt the paint? What are the main ingredients?

  • by Benjamin Pan

With the improvement of people's living standards and health knowledge, most people only know that hand sanitizer is used to wash hands and keep hands clean and healthy. It is like facial cleanser and shower gel, but what are the ingredients for hand sanitizer? What is the meaning of the above-mentioned ingredients that may have never been noticed or not understood by many people. It is most important to use a formula for a hand sanitizer. So, what are the ingredients in the hand sanitizer? Does hand sanitizer wash the car and hurt the paint? Let me introduce you to the following!

       Do you want to wash your car with hand sanitizer? Hand sanitizers generally contain no alkali, phosphorus, and are neutral, mainly for sterilization and have limited decontamination effect. Like most fruit and vegetable detergents, car wash has no effect on car paint.

The main components of hand sanitizer are as follows:

1 surfactant

       Surfactants are the main ingredients in hand sanitizer formulations. Their basic function is to remove grease and dirt from the hands and produce a certain amount of foam. In the formulation design, on the one hand, it is necessary to select a surfactant with strong degreasing and decontamination ability, so as to quickly and thoroughly remove the oil stain.

2 fatliquor

       Although the surfactant imparts a basic cleaning function to the hand sanitizer, it removes the dirt on the hands and removes the oil from the skin, causing the skin to cleft, rough and lose elasticity, especially dry skin. Therefore, the hand lotion is different from other detergents, and the skin feel after washing is also an important indicator of hand sanitizer. In order to avoid the degreasing of the surfactant to make the skin feel dry, a certain moisturizer should be added to the formulation to prevent the skin from becoming dry. Esters can be used, commonly used are glycerides, glyceryl cocoate, isopropyl myristate, glycerol cocopolyethylene glycol ester, octyl hydroxystearate, polyquaternium - 7 , glycerin and panthenol.

3 moisturizer

       A moisturizer is also an essential ingredient in hand sanitizers. It leaves a protective film on the surface of the skin after it has evaporated, preventing or slowing the loss of moisture inside the skin and maintaining the skin's wettability. Alcohols having a relatively large molecular weight, soluble in water and a high boiling point, such as liquid paraffin, glycerin, ethylene glycol, sorbitol, propylene glycol and alkyl glycosides, are generally selected. However, if the content of emollient is too high, the product will have a sticky feeling, and at the same time, it will reduce the decontamination ability of the product, and has a defoaming effect, so the amount of addition should not be too much, generally 1% to 3%.

4pH regulator

       The skin pH of the human body is 5-6, which is acidic. Usually, citric acid can be added to adjust the product to neutral or weakly acidic, which is close to the pH of human skin.

5 thickener

       When using hand sanitizer, if the viscosity is too small and it is not easy to stay in the hand, the decontamination ability will be affected. In general, a viscosity of 0.16 Pa•s is preferred, but when the total surfactant content is 10%, the viscosity of the solution is only 0.12 Pa•s. Therefore, a certain amount of thickener should be added. The most commonly used thickeners are inorganic salts such as NaCl, NH4 Cl and KCl, which are inexpensive, have a thickening effect and are convenient to use. The amount of NaCl used is generally 1% to 4%. When the amount added is too large, the viscosity is lowered. NH4Cl has the best thickening effect, but the range of adjustment is narrower, and a slight care will affect the quality of the product.

6 anti-hardener

       In order to ensure good hand washing effect in hard water, a small amount of chelating agent can be added to the formula to improve the hard water resistance of the product. EDTA-2Na or citric acid is often used, and its performance is mild.

       Formulation: hand soap surfactant + pearl paste + thickening powder + water + flavor + pigment + preservative = hand soap. Other special functional additives are added separately

       Through the above content, have you already understood the problem that the hand sanitizer will hurt the paint? I hope everyone has to help!

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