Car wash does not know these may have a very expensive price

  • by Benjamin Pan

CAR WASH? Is this also necessary to explain? Who does not know the car wash? Not all car washes were dirty, and they couldn't continue to wash. Some also took into consideration the fact that it did not rain recently. By the way, they passed the car wash shop or had time to brush on it. 

Indeed, car washing is an unusual thing, but today I would like to talk to you from the beginning to the end of the car wash that you may not know. 

When car washing should pay attention to those matters: 

1. Do not wash the car during the rainy season - Many owners of the wrong car do not wash the car in the rainy season. They think that the rain is a gift from nature and it is easy for us to save! OK, indeed the rain is a gift from nature, but the current environment, more acid rain, most of the rain is acidic! Corrosion of the paint will be serious, but also will hurt the chassis to what! Therefore, it is necessary to wash the car as soon as it rains. Don't let the car be tormented by acid rain! 

2. Car wash under the scorching sun – choose a cool place when washing the wrong car! The basking in the hot sun has already hurt the paint! Cold water splash, this time the body's damage is even greater! In addition, under the blazing sun, the water droplets are easily formed into a convex lens effect on the varnish surface of the car, and the temperature increases dramatically at these convex spots. And then cause a serious damage to the paint! Cheyou, are you sure you want to wash your car under the sun in order to get a quick drier? ? ? 

3. The body temperature is high and the water temperature is low - the wrong vehicle after high-speed driving or after exposure in the hot sun, because the paint surface temperature is high, if you use cold water at this time, it will have a very serious impact on the paint surface ( For the scratched paint surface that has just been repaired, it will have a greater impact. Severely it will cause paint cracking. In addition to the metal structure of the car, especially the internal structure of the machine may also cause damage, the most extreme circumstances will cause cracks in the metal components and thus affect the safety 4. Rinse the engine compartment with water guns - careful many car owners love when washing cars Rinse engine compartment with water gun because it seems to be able to clean the engine compartment very quickly. However, if the engine compartment is at high temperature, cold water flushes high temperature objects. Due to the huge temperature difference, the metal structure of the vehicle, especially the internal structure of the machine, will be damaged. Even cracking. 

In today's vehicle engines, there are not only engines, but also various electronic control components. Although these electronic control components are also waterproofed, you should not use them to flush the engine if you are careful to get a 10,000-year boat. If you think the engine room is particularly dirty. If you are uncomfortable, you can use a commercially available foam cleaner to wipe the engine compartment. Although it takes a long time, it will not affect the parts in the engine compartment. 

5.. Car wash immediately after frequent use of brakes - wrong Whether the parts of the brake system such as brake discs and brake drums can be directly sprayed with water will cause the brake system to collect water and cause the brakes to malfunction. Under normal circumstances, the water in the brake system will evaporate due to the increase in temperature during braking. Therefore, the brake system will not be affected in the summer, but it is not recommended if you have just finished the road or frequently use the brakes. Immediately flush the brake pads and brake discs with water. Because the brake disc is very hot after use, flushing the water immediately will make the brake disc/chip burst. In addition, when it is switched to winter, the situation is not the same. Water is very easy to form ice in the brake system, which greatly affects the braking performance. Therefore, after the car wash in winter, the vehicle should be braked more than once in the open space. Possible elimination of moisture during car wash. 

6. Use of acid or over-alcohol detergents - some of the informal car washes use washing lotions and the like as car wash to wash car, which is the most damaging to car paint. In fact, the choice of car wash liquid is very knowledgeable, you can not choose acidic over-alkaline products, choose neutral car wash liquid is the most important. If you do your own cleaning, and want low cost, you can choose to use shampoo or shower gel and other neutral liquids mixed with clean water to make shampoos for cleaning. In general, a bucket of water with a volume of 20L is added to a shampoo with a size of 10 cola covers. Get a good shampoo effect. 

It is also recommended to wax and protect the cleaned and air-dried body, which can effectively prevent the acid rain corrosion/oxidation of the air acid acid paint. 

Car wash may seem simple, but if you don't pay attention to the above mentioned, you may pay a lot of money. 

After reading a few giant answers, I was divine. Just took a bucket of water and wiped it with a towel. ... It should be like waiting for the emperor to wait for the car. It's better to be at home and go out, and then you hire a clerk to drag the car... 

In the end, the emphasis was on, the emphasis was on, and the emphasis was on even knowing that there was a lot of money and I was too lazy to wash it. . . 
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