How about foam car wash?

  • by Benjamin Pan

Many communities now have self-service car wash equipment for money-washing, and some are bubble. Do you think you can wash your car with a bubble bath? In fact, like people, the facial cleanser we use, the shower gel is more dirty than the bubble, the wash is relatively clean, in fact, the same for the car wash. It is also possible to give a bubble bath to the car. This is also more economical. If the community has more time, it will save time. Convenient for a lot. Today, Xiaobian tells everyone about how the bubble washes .


What is a bubble car wash:

Foam car wash, also known as water wax car wash, contains a rich lacquer surface brightening activity factor in the car wash liquid, which can make the vehicle after washing clean and bright, radiant. The texture of the paint is strong. It is a high-end car wash liquid that does not hurt the paint surface, does not hurt the hand, and has a PH value of ≈7. It has the ability of super decontamination and detergency, and it can quickly and completely stubbornly decompose the stains, and can be cleaned without wiping. The foam car wash is made of pure natural cleaning materials after being subjected to strict high-tech process extraction and then refined by concentrated puffing and granulating grinding technology. Its main working principle is to activate the stains with active substances to increase the surface tension. , the car body adhesion medium can be separated from the surface of the car body, and is in a separated state, thereby achieving a super decontamination effect.

What are the benefits of foam car wash:

It is safe: it avoids the traditional contact type cleaning, no matter what kind of cleaning the car will have direct contact, the damage to the car paint is there, and the use of bubble bath exquisite car wash, avoid the wipes such as rag sponge, No damage to the paint

The second is clean: because the bubble bath is used to wash the car, the bubble bath is washed without rubbing, covered by foam, and biodegraded in one minute to achieve 360-degree stereo clearness. The foam stays in the body for more than 1 minute and can not be processed manually. The tires, wheel seams and other dead corners melted!

The third agent also has multiple protection functions, which can prevent the body from oxidizing, making it difficult to absorb dust, and effectively resisting the ultraviolet rays to avoid fading and aging of the paint.

The fourth foam has strong decontamination, anti-rust, glazing and protection functions, which can quickly and thoroughly remove dirt, silt, asphalt, paint and other stains on the surface of the vehicle, and can prevent the oxidation of the body and effectively prevent the dirt from being deposited again. The lacquer finish is restored to shine and clean.

The fifth is the beautiful traditional car wash, not only because of manual wiping, it may scratch the surface of the vehicle, but also the car wash liquid used in each car wash shop is mixed with pearls, and the long-term use greatly reduces the gloss of the paint, so that your car loses its original brilliance! “Imeme” wipe-free cleaning liquid unique bio-wax formula can not only enhance the color, but also enhance the concentration, depth, clarity and long-lasting smoothness of the paint. It can form a protective film on the surface of the paint to avoid the erosion of the paint surface. Conducive to the protection of the paint surface, improve the body's anti-static anti-adhesive dust ability.

The sixth section of the water is generally car wash, 100-120 liters / time (car), and the bubble bath uses a wipe-free car wash solution, which can be reduced to 40 liters / time (car) in the city's water prices continue to rise today, this The advantages are more optimistic for many car wash people!

The seventh environmentally friendly green concept bubble bath is a non-wiping cleaning solution, environmentally friendly raw materials, green formula, and its humanized car wash method, which solves various occupational diseases caused by the car washer's hands being soaked in the car wash foam for a long time. It creates a comfortable working environment for car washing, reduces the labor intensity of car washing and improves work efficiency.


How about the bubble car wash? I can't wait to give your car a bubble bath? Generally, this kind of water-saving and energy-saving facilities will be very popular. There are some in the community, and some think that it is convenient to buy a self-service car wash bubble machine. There is also a waterless car wash that I heard before in a small series. Xiao Bian feels that if this method is used in countries with water shortage in Africa, it must be more popular than us. I hope that the small series of articles will help your life.


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