Three car wash little secrets

  • by Benjamin Pan

Washing powder car wash the most damaged car

The most fundamental purpose of a car wash is to wash off the stains of the car. The light is definitely not clean with clean water. What to use to wash a car is too stressful. Now car wash detergent used in Hangzhou car wash can basically be divided into three types: detergent, detergent, special car wash liquid.

Some owners went to the car wash shop and saw the staff washing very seriously. The washing bubbles were flying all over the place. The ability to “clean and decontamination” was quite strong. The dirty car seemed to be under control. It looked very clean from the outside. . If you want to know what the car wash shop is for you when you wash your car, you can use your fingers to pinch and sniff the bubbles, detergent! Yes, some car wash shops use detergent to wash cars.

Detergents are alkaline detergents, which are very detrimental to car paints. If you wash your car with detergent for a long time, the car's surface will gradually lose its luster. The corrosion of laundry detergent on the paint is very difficult to see in the short term, so many owners do not know the powerful. The owner of the car wash shop knows that the detergent will destroy the car. Why do you need to use it? The fundamental reason is that the detergent powder has low cost and quick effect. Some car wash shops use detergent to wash the car. The owner of the car wash is generally similar to the vat detergent used in the catering industry. Although this detergent is only a few tens of dollars cheaper than the special car wash liquid, it is still widely carwashed. Shop use.

The boss of a car beauty shop said: "The special car wash solution is neutral and won't damage car paint, but the price is a bit more expensive than detergent. Now the water fee is getting more expensive, and the profit of the car wash is getting lower and lower. , so the shopkeepers are doing everything possible to reduce costs.” The boss also revealed a discerning embarrassment, that is, when washing the car to see the hands of the car washer. If the carpenter's hand is white, it proves that the car washes used by him were a problem. It was a long-term use of alkaline detergent to wash the car.

The car wash stream also has tricks

From the appearance, the car wash is just a simple manual labor. It seems that there is no skill, but the water flow of the car wash is also very particular. A professional car wash shop will never use high-pressure water* to spray on it. Usually, the first time must be running slowly and slowly, and the dust particles on the car should be taken away with water. If you start with high pressure water, it is tantamount to let the dust particles do "frictional motion" on the paint surface.

Sometimes, owners often wash cars in roadside shops to save time, and those who wash a bucket to wash their cars, if you look closely, you will find that there are a lot of silts in their buckets, and there is no difference with sandpaper. Some towels used by the car wash shop were also eliminated from the hotel. The towels looked very new and white, but they were actually very rough, and they also hurt the car.

Car wash beware

Since the city's water consumption has been rising steadily, car washing is no longer a separate source of income. Many car beauty shops and auto repair shops use car washing as ancillary items. Some car owners drove the car to the garage. After the car was washed, the car tires were flat. People know that there are tricks, but they just can't understand the truth. An employee who once worked in a repair shop told the author about the inside story.

There are individual repair shops, in order to pick up more business, the owner secretly let the car washer whispering bad tires while car washing. The tool for a car is generally a sharp-edged wire that is hidden on a cleaning cloth.

It is understood that the car wash is divided into three parts: Take the water to wet the car that is the first step; the second step is to use car washes; the third step is to scrub the car interior. In the first two steps, I wouldn’t start. When I was cleaning the car, people would go all the way up and obstruct the line of sight. They usually choose the right side of the car, because the driver is on the left side of the car, and he also stands on the left after he gets off. This way, the tire on the right side of the car is not easy to find. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner's voice is loud enough to cover up the deflation sound. .


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