How to decorate a car beauty shop? Car beauty shop decoration precautions

  • by Benjamin Pan

Nowadays, China can be said to be a car flood, so the car wash service has become a very good investment industry, and as a car beauty shop, it must have its own requirements and precautions in the decoration. So how do you decorate a car beauty shop? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the car beauty shop decoration precautions , I hope to provide help for everyone.

How to decorate a car beauty shop?



Car beauty shop decoration notes 1, car beauty shop must first do a wet and dry layout. Just separate the dry areas of the car beauty shop (mainly including the boutique hall and the beauty and film shop) and the wet area (mainly the car wash station), avoiding the car wash and making the boutique all water, affecting the mood of the guests. .


Car beauty shop decoration notes 2, car beauty shop decoration to do the lighting to be bright. The decoration parts that have a great influence on the high-end image in the car beauty shop are floor drains, equipment and lighting. These three places cannot be saved anyway. If you want to save on the renovation costs, you can save a lot in the grille of the ceiling, this place does not need to spend too much. No matter which line you are doing, just open the door to do business, you must brighten the lights. Don't be afraid to waste electricity, people also have phototaxis, where to shine.




Car beauty shop decoration precautions 3, car beauty shop should do everything possible to choose dirty or not dirty decorative materials and color. It is very important that the beauty shop should be clean. Some of the shops are covered with car washes, which is a serious injury to the business. For example, the ground can use terrazzo, because it is flower, it will always look clean; if you choose dark ground, it will look dirty when dry; light ground, dirty when wet. These are the basic principles of car beauty shop decoration.


Car beauty shop decoration notes 4, car beauty shop decoration should pay attention to the functional layout. First of all, we must pay attention to the air pipe to the tire workshop, car wash station, cleaning station, beauty workshop and so on. Wherever it is possible to use the starting device, it is necessary to have a good airway. Secondly, the air compressor should be hoisted as much as possible to avoid explosion after rusting due to accumulation of water in the lower part. Third, the car wash station has to do very strict anti-water tests. It should be done that the water does not leave the station. Fourth, the ditch should be easy to clean, and the width of the groove can be just down to the ditch in the ordinary shovel. Also, if the original water pipe is in a reasonable position, try not to move it, because it costs a lot to change the water.


The above is how us brought you to decorate the car beauty shop? All the contents of the car beauty shop decoration precautions, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the car beauty shop decoration precautions, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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