Which is better for foam car wash and water washing?

  • by Benjamin Pan

Nowadays, people choose to maintain the car a lot, there are many ways to choose a car wash, and there is also a dry cleaning is no water car wash. Even the car wash has developed to the economy. Today, I would like to compare the two ways of car washing, which is better for foam car wash and water washing. Everyone usually washes when washing a car, but the bubble washes the car to a bubble bath. Do you think it feels good? But can it be cleaned? This is a problem.


Foam car wash:

Beimai Auto Parts Xiaobian thinks that the foam car wash is generally good. It is mainly used to wash the car with water wax. After washing out, the car body is very bright. Of course, not only can the water wax be used, but also some car wash liquid, and the effect is of course better. If the foam car wash product is not water wax, then it is one grade lower than the water wax car wash; wash the car with water wax, the finer the bubble, the better, the car is bright after washing, just like waxing. The car wash liquid is rich in lacquer surface brightening activity factor, which makes the vehicle after washing clean and bright, and radiant. When choosing a car wash wax, be careful not to buy a fake. The key is that you can't use washing powder for car washing. The benefits of car washing are finished, it is bright, but there are also shortcomings. In the current products, the hairdressing avoids some chemicals. The long-term use will definitely affect the car paint, making the car paint fragile, and long-term corrosion will definitely cause the car. The paint is damaged.


When washing the car, first wash the car with clean water, then use the compressed air machine and the car wash water to make enough foam on the body, then scrub the car with a sponge. After scrubbing the car, use a water spray gun to rinse the foam off the car. Then wipe the excess water from the car with a dry towel. The last step is to wash the car and wax, after the car is finished waxing, the entire car wash process is completed.


The difference between car wash:

The main cleaning ingredients of car wash liquid are generally natural plant extracting surfactants. These active agents are the main components of domestic shampoos, and a car wash liquid will be added with natural car wax, which has a natural drive to remove static electricity from the car body. ingredient. Car wash liquid is generally neutral, does not hurt the hand, does not hurt the paint surface.

Car wash water wax generally refers to the water repellent used in the automatic car washing machine. The agent also has multiple protection functions, which can prevent the body from oxidizing, making it difficult to absorb dust, and effectively resisting the ultraviolet rays to avoid fading and aging of the paint. When using, add the car wash water wax to the car wash liquid in a certain proportion. The water wax is also neutral and has no damage to the paint. Washing the car with water wax often makes the paint more beautiful and the waxing protection takes longer.

When washing: the water pressure of flushing should be between 4-7Mpa. If the water pressure is too low, the flushing will be unclean. If the water pressure is too high, the water will be pulled by the paint surface and the paint will be hit by the paint. Injury, in addition, the direction of flushing should also follow the flushing from top to bottom. Long-term scrubbing can cause the car surface to become dull, faded, and scratched on the paint surface.


Foam car wash and water wash which is better for everyone to say, so many car wash methods you are more dependent on which? How often do you wash your car? Is it a week or a month? In fact, long-term non-car wash will make the paint surface corroded and aging, so the situation will be cracked seriously, so let us work together to wash the car together.


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