How to wash different cushion cushions for car seats

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Car seat cushions are one of the most commonly used accessories in automobiles and are used frequently, so they are easily soiled. In the usual life, we usually have cushions that are commonly found: linen cushions, ice silk cushions, celestial silk cushions, buffalo leather cushions, straw mats, and bamboo cushions. Because the material of the cushions is different, the cleaning methods are also different. The following is a brief introduction to how to wash car cushions and cushion cleaning methods for different materials.


How to wash car cushion

1, plush special cleaning agent, velvet cleaner, fine brush, small vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, comb

2, the general care of the plush cushion, the dust should be constantly tapping, when there is broken end with a vacuum cleaner to suck out. Use a comb to straighten hairs.

3, when the plush cushion is clearly hidden, the available plush special cleaning agent (the best neutral) against the warm water of about 40 degrees, when cleaning with a fine brush slowly and carefully brush. After washing, hang it indoors to dry it. Do not expose it to sunlight. Do not wring it out. Use your fingers to straighten out some of the soaked hair. After drying, the hair will be the same as it was before washing.

4, on the mat, thin cushion, usually with a damp cloth to wipe, dirty with a velvet cleaning agent after the water, with a brush on the mat cushion can be scrubbed. For very thin, not too hard, gently wipe on the line. Can only be hung in the room to dry, not exposure.

5, Sometimes the seats are stained with color, like fruit juices, etc., it is not good to clean, and special cleaners don't work either. You can use a little 84 disinfectant, must be diluted and reused, only the contaminated piece can be cleaned. Heavy colors can not be used 84, can cause serious fading. 84 bleaching is very powerful.


Different materials cushion cleaning method

1. The cushion of the silkworm: The material of this cushion is celestial silk, and the price is higher than other materials. The cushion made with it is especially soft and in the summer it feels particularly cool because it is silky The material, so it looks very good gloss. If it can be properly cleaned and maintained, it can generally be used for about five years.

The cleaning method is: If the cushion is only slightly stained, then just wipe the clean towel with some water and gently wipe it. If you use some dry cleaning agent to wipe away the stains is also possible, because the dry cleaning agent volatile, timely drying after cleaning can be, if the weather is cold, not easy to dry, you can also get a hair dryer to dry, or to More professional dyeing shop to do the treatment.

2, linen cushion: linen material cushion is actually more loved by customers, its price is a mid-range, not very high nor is not low, linen cushion is generally divided into two, machine preparation and manual preparation, the machine The number of patterns produced is relatively small, and the hand-crafted patterns are rich in color, bright and beautiful and beautiful, so the price is about 80 to 100 more expensive than the machine.

Its cleaning method is different from that of ceiba silk: the linen cushion can be washed, but avoid brushing hard, especially with a relatively hard brush. During the washing process, do not use too much force to rub, because the linen cushion If the wash is too easy, it is easy to fluff, and the color is also easy to fall off. When selecting the detergent, it is better to use some detergents with lower alkalinity. It is better not to contain chlorine bleach, and the best water temperature is. It is suitable for 40 degrees. It can also be dehydrated and dried with a washing machine, or it can be dried with a hair dryer. However, it should not be wrung out. It can be flattened and then dried. However, if you press it, the effect will be better. In accordance with the above method, if reasonable cleaning and maintenance, generally can use about three years.

3, mats and bamboo mat cleaning methods: because they are made of grass or bamboo, straw mats and bamboo mats can generally use up to two summer, these two materials of the cushion, cleaning up is relatively simple Generally, it can be washed with water. If you want to use cleaning agent, what kind of universal foam-type cleaning agent can be used. This kind of cleaning agent has less damage to the original material of mats and bamboo mats. Two kinds of material cushions, their prices are relatively cheap, most people are very easy to accept, and the cushion material is a natural material, so there will be more and more people accept the use.

Summary: The relevant information on how to wash the car seat and how to clean the cushions of different materials is introduced here for everyone. I hope the efforts of Xiaobian can help you. If there is anything we do not understand, we can leave a message for Xiaobian at the bottom. Oh, we will answer your questions as soon as possible. This site will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information.

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