Precautions when washing a car What are the bad behaviors of car wash?

  • by Benjamin Pan

We have all washed the car. Do you know what behavior will cause damage to the paint when you wash the car? People think that car washing is very simple, but if you do not act properly when washing a car, it is likely to cause damage to the car paint. Is your car getting less and less lustrous? When your car is in use, there is a phenomenon such as yellowing. In fact, this is related to the usual car wash. Especially when it is washed in the summer, it is easier to cause damage to the car. Let's talk about the precautions when washing a car, and what are the bad behaviors of car wash.


1. In general, some people drive to the car wash. Some people will start cleaning the car directly with a water gun. But in fact, this method is wrong. You can't wash the car directly with cold water. Because the car is just used up, the parts inside the car are hot. And the parts that just stopped running a lot just stopped working, so the temperature is relatively high. Direct use of cold water temperature difference is too large, it is easy to cause damage to car paint and car parts, especially in the summer after exposure, you must not directly wash the car with cold water.

2. When the weather is hot, you can't wash the car outside. When the temperature is high, you need to cool down. However, when you are in the sun, the car wash may cause irritation to the paint, which may cause cracks in the paint. Especially when the washing machine has not dried the water, the sun will directly dry the water, and the water drops will also act as a magnifying glass. The damage to the car is very big. A car wash is likely to make the car tarnished and the time is long. Tired.

3, there are some parts of the car can not be directly washed with a water gun, who grabs a relatively large pressure, so it is likely to damage some parts. Do not use cold water to flush the dust in the front compartment to prevent the electrical equipment from being damaged by moisture. After washing the car, the hinges of the hood, the drain groove, the root of the antenna, etc. should be wiped dry with a soft cloth. Do not use the water gun directly. Moreover, these places are very easy to grow. After cleaning, it is necessary to do rust-proof treatment in places that are easy to rust, and also apply some protective things to the rubber.

4, the number of car wash can not be too much, some people like to drive twice a week, so can not protect the car paint will hurt the car paint. The car wash solution we use is sometimes acidic or alkaline, and it can cause damage to the car. And often cleaning is not easy to dry, excessive car wash is likely to make the car tarnish, and can accelerate the car's oxidation reaction.

Precautions when washing a car , what are the bad behaviors of car washing , I will finish it for you. Do you have these habits? Car washing seems to be a trivial matter, but for people who love cars, there is no small problem in the car, because a small habit can cause great damage to the car, just like someone has cleansing, so often wash the car, but the time is long Everything is rusting in the car chassis, which is a small thing in the car wash, but in the end it is a big injury to the car.


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