To 4s shop beauty car owners please pay attention!

  • by Benjamin Pan

Happy to buy a small three, everyone will go to 4s shop to give it a good beauty! Many people may think that the 4s shop is more formal, not willing to ask for price, but also to help you maintain the car. In fact, I think we all know that this is a self-deception! How can businessmen not make money, but we must pay attention to ourselves, as long as we learn the following knowledge, we are not afraid to be pitted by 4s!


Which need basic maintenance

Pumps, automatic transmission oil, and timing belts are required to be replaced by time or number of roads. Different cars have different regulations, and specific car maintenance manuals can be checked. Car engine maintenance is every 7500 kilometers or 3 months, automobile chassis inspection, according to the detection of the car brake system and chassis maintenance, and turbocharged engine due to the different working environment, 5000 km must be engine maintenance.

Which are on-demand maintenance

For summer, the maintenance of air conditioning needs to be determined according to the actual situation. Some owners use seven to eight hours of air conditioning a day, while some owners may only use one hour a day, and even worse, they do not use air conditioning for a few days, so air conditioning Cleaning should be treated differently, we can determine whether there is odor in the air from the air outlet of the air conditioning, whether it should be cleaned air-conditioning, and also encourage owners of hands-on ability to do some non-essential maintenance, such as air conditioning pipeline cleaning. Professionals remind that to buy auto parts on the Internet must look for quality, recognize fake and shoddy products, or you will lose out.

For the 4S shop love recommended oil cleaning, in fact, do not have to do every time, according to the car's driving conditions, oil quality, and the time required by the manufacturers to do. And the poor quality cleaning agent can harm your car.

Small maintenance just replace the oil and oil filter. Other things need to be replaced when major maintenance.

Car owners pay special attention: The following do not need to be replaced frequently!

1, antifreeze two years or 40,000 kilometers to replace once

2, the battery life is generally about 2-3 years

3, wipers are generally replaced once a year

4, tires can run 4 to 60,000 kilometers

5, brake oil two years or 40,000 kilometers to replace once

If you guys still know which ones don't need to be 4s pits, you can express your opinions on our website!


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