What color is good in the car beauty shop? Auto beauty shop decoration color matching

  • by Benjamin Pan

When doing business in the automotive beauty industry, many of them will carry out a car beauty shop decoration for their storefront. Now, some car beauty shop decoration often does not get satisfactory decoration effect for some reasons, in which the car beauty shop The color is not a good match is a big factor, then what color is good in the car beauty shop? The following decoration home decoration network small series will bring you the car beauty shop decoration color matching skills for your reference.


What color is good for car beauty shop decoration?






Car beauty shop decoration color matching skills 1, car beauty shop decoration is the use of color, lighting, styling to make the car beauty shop bright and moving very important. Brightness can give people a pleasant, good-hearted, silent call; unforgettable, people yearning, people can't bear to leave. An outstanding car beauty shop decoration can even give people a passion for consumption and become a city attraction. How to give customers a beautiful and unforgettable first sight, that is, the car beauty shop decoration is just a good idea.


Car beauty shop decoration color matching skills 2, car beauty shop decoration color processing, plays an important role in the shape of the perfect car beauty shop. The contrast and harmony of color should be fully utilized to enhance the artistic characteristics of the styling, enrich the effect of the styling, and create a more ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color tone of the car beauty shop is suitable for high brightness and warm color. The prominent components or key parts can be matched with the needs of the commercial building decoration atmosphere according to their physical characteristics and corresponding contrast colors. In order to highlight the recognition of car beauty shops, the cards, logos and markers of car beauty shops can also be displayed in high-visibility vivid colors.






Car beauty shop decoration color matching skills 3, car beauty shop decoration color selection of lighting: blue, green and other cold-colored spotlights highlight the cleanliness of jewelry; brown, gold-colored spotlights appear casual, you can match any jewelry; red, Yellow, orange and other warm-colored spotlights can bring out the exquisite beauty of the jewelry. The light in the store should be soft and not too strong, but it should be bright. It is best not to use incandescent lamps. It is best to do the orbiting of the spotlights so that they can move at will, and the various angles are illuminated at various angles.


Car beauty shop decoration color matching skills 4, interior design space proportion of color and light - color has a strong recognizability, and under certain conditions can change the appearance of the object in the visual performance, and thus become an influence An important element of the spatial proportion. For example, the same wall, the darker wall is compared to the lighter wall, and the lighter wall seems to be receding. Feel the space is getting wider. At this time, the proportional relationship has not changed on the actual scale, but it has changed in the human vision. Therefore, color is not just a manifestation of visual form. It is also possible to change the spatial scale perception of the space under certain conditions.


The above is what kind of color is good for the car beauty shop brought by Xiaobian? The car beauty shop decoration color matching all the content, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the car beauty shop decoration color, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.


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