How often is it necessary to wash the car?

  • by Benjamin Pan

Now that every household has a car, how often do you wash the car? I have heard of this thing in the past few days, that is, often not washing the car will have an impact on the car, but most people think that the impact is only affecting the appearance, in fact, there is a greater impact that you do not know. Others often wash their cars because they love cars, but when cleaning a car, they will definitely use chemical reagents that need to clean the body. Is this really good? In fact, washing too often is not good, it is not good to wash for too long. Then surely ask how long it takes to wash the car most 

Some people don't like to wash cars, maybe because they feel that they are too troublesome to wash cars. It is too expensive to go to the auto repair shop to wash cars. But how long does it take to wash cars without affecting the car ? Do you know?

1, increase fuel consumption, many people think this is a fake, how can not wash the car and fuel consumption may be related to the relationship, the average person does not have such a car wash for a period of time, but after a long time, the more accumulated, will also add to the vehicle A certain weight, those weights are nothing to the car, but the dust may enter the various systems inside the car, thus increasing fuel consumption.

2, injured car paint, car paint is generally very fragile, usually received ultraviolet damage, coupled with acid rain corrosion, the car has a lot of dust, it is easy to attach some grease on the paint after rain In order to form a layer of sludge, it will definitely cause damage to the paint. And some places have acid rain, acid rain has not been washed in the car, it is very corrosive to the car. It is a long-term problem, and there will be problems such as oxidative corrosion of paint.

3, increase the cost of car maintenance, the price of car wash is about 30 to 40 yuan, if you save these tens of dollars, you will spend a few hundred dollars on the car paint maintenance, car wash is usually half a month or a Wash once a month, so that the impurities on the car can be washed out to make the car look cleaner, wash away the acid rain and dust, protect the car paint, and look more beautiful.


Let's talk about the effects of frequent car washes on the car.

Car wash is not only a flush with water, car wash has its own environment, there are also requirements when choosing the weather. Let me talk about the venue first. Generally, the car wash must be sheltered from the wind, because it has been washed after a gust of wind. In the choice of car wash liquid, you should choose neutral, which is good for car paint. Do not use detergent, alkaline detergent will accelerate the aging of paint, rubber and tires. Also be careful when choosing a towel to avoid scratching the paint when washing the car. After washing the car, carefully wipe the accessories of the car, do not leave water stains, but also to prevent other accessories from rusting.

It is important to choose the weather when washing the car. Cloudy days are not conducive to the drying of residual moisture; in the case of the sun, the metal plate of the vehicle and the lacquer surface will expand when heated. At this time, the car wash, the heat and cold will make the paint surface embrittlement and crack. Do not put the car in the hot sun for exposure, because the convex lens effect formed by the water droplets under the scorching sun will produce local high temperature, which will gradually lose the luster. Wash the car once a week. Car wash should not be too frequent, frequent car wash, will accelerate the oxidation of the paint surface.


Now, I found out that the car wash is very particular. When you wash the car, you should choose the right time. How long is it best to wash the car? Of course it is a week, because it will not damage the paint surface and will not rust other parts because the car washes too often. For those who don't care for the car, they can wash it once in a half month. The car always has to drive. It is always dirty when it is too dirty, so it is still necessary to wash it.




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